Fairfield University's Areas of Focus

gc_von_arx_2Fairfield University's strategic vision stresses the importance of "integration" as a way of approaching education. Collaboratively, the University's focus is on producing graduates whose lives reflect personal integration, competence in multicultural understanding, and a commitment to professional responsibility.

To aid this vision, Fairfield's interdisciplinary area of focus is designed to tap into our faculty's collective knowledge base, our arts and minds programming, and the curiosities of both our undergraduate and graduate students to explore a particular theme or idea.

This integrative approach to event planning and curriculum enhancement has led to the following areas of focus:

  • 2012-14: Cities. The annual University-wide focus in the 2012-13 academic year will be "Cities," following and building upon the "Global Citizenship" focus of 2010-12. Cities near and far, ancient and modern, real and imagined, invite us to engage the social construct that has recently become the home to the majority of the human race. In 2011-12, Associate Professor Nels Pearson, Faculty Facilitator, Director of the Quick Center, Gary Wood, Administrative Facilitator, and a student facilitator yet to be named, will engage the campus community and encourage creative ways to study, depict, and improve cities.
  • 2010-12: Global Citizenship
  • 2009-10: 3 areas-
    • Latin America: Images, Dialogue and Action
    • The R&J Project
    • Communities in Action: A Year of Activism