Areas of Focus for 2010

Fairfield University's strategic vision stresses the importance of "integration" as a way of approaching education. In keeping with the long tradition of a Jesuit education, we strive to engage our students in the classroom and through co-curricular opportunities designed to teach you to think across disciplinary boundaries. At Fairfield, you'll learn how to see the points of intersection between the sciences and humanities and between spiritual reflection and rational inquiry. By doing so, you'll develop as a creative thinker with the ability to approach the world with a rigorous and open mind.

The Fairfield community has selected 3 areas on which to focus major academic and cultural enrichment programming for the 2009-10 academic year. Each area links back to the University's strategic priorities related to diversity and global citizenship. They are:

Latin America: Images, Dialogue, and Action

...So close in terms of geographical distance, yet so unknown to us in terms of its historic, institutional, and human landscape


At the beginning of the 21st century, Latin America represents not only a neighboring reality with which the United States is learning to coexist, but also a unique intersection of potentials and opportunities for meaningful cooperation and intercultural dialogue. Through a series of events, Fairfield seeks to promote intellectual and creative explorations into factors affecting integration between the U.S. and the region, while also showcasing the University's own administrative, curricular, and research-related initiatives in connection with different Latin American countries.

Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet:

...Exploring young love, family and political turmoil, and issues of race, gender, and religion


The R&J project is a multidisciplinary exploration of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet that will culminate in Theatre Fairfield's production of the play in April 2010. A curricular initiative of Fairfield's Department of Visual and Performing Arts, the University community will explore Romeo and Juliet as it relates to young love, family and political turmoil, and issues of race, gender, and religion. Barbra and Sonya Berlovitz, internationally renowned and distinguished theatre artists of Minneapolis's Theatre de la Jeune Lune, will come to Fairfield University for an Artistic Residency in Spring 2010 to cast, rehearse, and produce a contemporary version of this classic. The Theatre Program will handle all aspects of the Artist Residency from logistics through final production.

Communities in Action: A Year of Activism

...Exploring how we attend to the intersection of the "living" that occurs in our various communities through activism and "learning."


A Year of Activism aims to engage the campus in thinking about how we as a community may collectively work together to act upon the University's mission for social justice and its commitment to diversity. All sectors of the community are invited to think and learn about the activism that we have done and will do in the future. Building on the activism of student groups, faculty, and staff along with Campus Ministry, this focus opportunity will enliven how we attend to the intersection of the "living" that occurs in our various communities through activism and the "learning" that occurs in classrooms and co-curricular contexts. The focus on this intersection, in addition to aligning with the University's strategic vision, will help build on the work in our community and enhance our collective capacity to assume responsibility for meaningful change on peace, justice, and diversity issues. Programming will revolve around 3 areas:

  • Taking Action for Peace
  • Feminist Activism
  • Communities in Action Summit