Choosing a Major

More than half of Fairfield's students enter as undeclared. With the help of their advisors, students can reflect on current and previous courses, work, and volunteer and extracurricular activities to come closer to deciding on a major.

Students can consider the following questions:

  • ‌What subjects did you enjoy most in high school? Why?
  • What classes are you enjoying most at Fairfield? Why?
  • What subjects intrigue you even if you may not have studied them much (or at all) so far? Why?
  • What subjects challenge you? Why?
  • What were your most rewarding extracurricular activities in high school? Why?
  • What extracurricular activities are you involved in at Fairfield? Why did you choose them?
  • What work or volunteer experiences have you had? What did you learn from them?

Students should be reminded that employers often value the ability to communicate well, to think critically and creatively, and to solve problems regardless of a graduate's particular major. A broad-based liberal education, combined with the focus and depth that every major requires, will give students the skills they need for a variety of jobs.

Other offices on campus can help in the decision-making process. The Office of Academic Support and Retention assists first-year students, sophomores, and some juniors who are undecided about majors or minors or considering a change. The offers career assessments such as the Strong Interest Inventory and the online resource What Can I Do with This Major?, which will show students the wide range of career possibilities for many undergraduate majors.