Cornerstone Guide: Resources for Faculty

‌Cornerstone courses, which are reserved for first-year students, are designed to promote student engagement through a living-and-learning model. Housed (in nearly all cases) in the same residence hall as their Cornerstone classmates, first-year students will be able to interact more with peers and faculty, both inside and outside the classroom, thereby integrating their intellectual and social lives.

All students in the Class of 2016 (including commuters) will benefit from such a community, because each of them was preregistered in a Cornerstone prior to Orientation, based on his or her academic interests and goals. Students whose academic plans had changed since application met with special advisors at Orientation in June and were allowed to register in a Cornerstone better suited to their needs.

Faculty teaching Cornerstones can draw on a variety of resources to assist them in creating an active learning community for first-year students. The Cornerstone Guide: Resources for Faculty (PDF) includes information on the following:

  • Partnership with Area Coordinators and Resident Assistants in the residence halls
  • Collaboration with the First-Year Experience program
  • Faculty development, including suggestions and funding for learning experiences outside the classroom