Your Role in Advising

fyg_boger_gilegui_class11aAs you plan each semester's courses and your overall academic program, you should take advantage of the different types of advisors and assistance that Fairfield offers. If you play an active role - by preparing and looking for some answers on your own - each advising encounter will be more productive for you.

Preparing for an Advising Session

It is important to do your homework for an advising session, just as you would for a class. Make an appointment with your advisor, bring with you a degree evaluation and a tentative list of courses for the following semester, and think through any questions you might have. Follow the tips in How to be a Great Advisee (PDF), compiled from advice given by student leaders, and review the reflection questions for students.

Making Decisions, Finding Answers, Seeking Help

You may enter Fairfield certain of the major you want, but if you're like many students here, you may need to explore before you declare a major. It's fine if you take some time, but be sure to use it wisely. Talk with your advisor about the classes you're taking and your thoughts about them, and look at the advice on choosing a major. Also, investigate different programs and their requirements:

  • College of Arts and Sciences undergraduate programs
  • Dolan School of Business undergraduate programs
  • School of Engineering undergraduate programs
  • School of Nursing undergraduate programs

Even if you've declared a major, you may still want to add a minor or need to change your course schedule. The section on academic advising resources can direct you to more information and policies and procedures that you need to know.

Finally, it's not unusual for college students to encounter some difficulties, either with a particular course or with larger academic or personal issues. If you feel comfortable doing so, share your concerns with your advisor - but also be ready to take advantage of Fairfield's support services:

  • For personal, family, or health issues: or the Student Health Center
  • For tutoring and other academic support: