Academic Contacts by School and Program

Interested in one of Fairfield University's programs? Contact us using the faculty list below.

College of Arts and Sciences

College of Arts and Sciences 
Dean's Office

Yohuru Williams, Dean, ext. 2227
Aaron Perkus, Associate Dean, ext. 2227
Brian Walker, Associate Dean, ext. 2227
David Gudelunas, Associate Dean, ext. 2227
Andrea Martinez, Assistant Dean, ext. 2227
Susan Peterson, Assistant Dean, ext. 2227
Jean Daniele, Assistant to the Dean, ext. 2221

Faculty Contacts

American Studies:  David McFadden, director, ext. 2871
Applied Ethics: David Schmidt, director, ext. 2837
Art History: Marice Rose, director, ext. 3240
Asian Studies: Jiwei Xiao, director, ext. 3475
Biology: Olivia Harriott, chair, ext. 2740
Black Studies: Johanna Garvey, director, ext. 2805
Catholic Studies: Paul Lakeland, director, ext. 2492
Chemistry/Biochemistry: L. Kraig Steffen, chair, ext. 2254
Classical Studies: Vin Rosivach, director, ext. 2337
Communication: (B.A.), Qin Zhang, chair, ext. 3062; (M.A.), Michael Pagano, director, ext. 2897
Creative Writing: (M.F.A.), Michael White, director, ext. 3153
Economics: Kathryn Nantz, chair, ext. 2271
Education: Wendy Kohli, director, ext. 2286
English: Elizabeth Petrino, chair, ext. 3014
Environmental Studies: James Biardi, director, ext. 3465
Film, Television, and Media Arts: Mark Scalese, director, ext. 2379
History: Gavriel Rosenfeld, chair, ext. 3198
International Studies: Terry-Ann Jones, director, ext. 2786
Irish Studies: Nels Pearson, director, ext. 3452
Italian Studies: Mary Ann Carolan, director, ext. 2134
Judaic Studies: Gavriel Rosenfeld, director, ext. 3198
Latin American and Carribean Studies: Gisela Gil-Egui, co-director, ext. 3043; Edrik Lopez, co-director, ext. 2812
Mathematics: (B.S.) Joan Weiss, chair, ext. 2456; (M.S.) Stephen Sawin, director, ext. 2573
Modern Languages and Literatures: Javier Campos, chair, ext. 2352
Music: Brian Torff, director, ext. 2458
Peace and Justice Studies: Kris Sealey, Director, ext. 3020
Philosophy: Steven Bayne, chair, ext. 2857
Physics: David Winn, chair, ext. 3440
Politics: Jocelyn Boryczka, chair, ext. 2858
Psychology: Judy Primavera, chair, ext. 2233
Religious Studies: Ronald Davidson, chair, ext. 2801
Russian and Eastern European Studies: David McFadden, director, ext. 2871
Sociology and Anthropology: Scott Lacy, chair, ext. 2345
Studio Art: Suzanne Chamlin-Richer, director, ext. 2299
Theatre: Lynne Porter, director, ext. 3406
Visual and Performing Arts: Dr. Laura Nash, chair, ext. 2638
Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies: Anna Lawrence, director, ext. 2281; Emily Orlando, co-director, ext. 3304

Administrative Assistant Contacts

American Studies, Julie Garbarino, ext. 2156
Applied Ethics, Alexa Mullady, ext. 2412
Asian Studies, Louise Carcusa, ext. 2418
Biology, Laura Dancho, ext. 2541
Black Studies, Linda Miller, ext. 2412
Catholic Studies, Jocelyn Collen, ext. 3415
Chemistry & Biochemistry, Lori Fahy, ext. 2251
Classical Studies, Alexa Mullady, ext. 2412
Communication, Michelle Lesko, ext. 2214
Economics, Joan Huvane, ext. 2291
English, Linda Miller, ext. 2810
Environment, Laura Dancho, ext. 2541
History, Alexa Mullady, ext. 2412
Irish Studies, Linda Miller, ext. 2810
Italian Studies, Louise Carcusa, ext. 2418
Judaic Studies, Alexa Mullady, ext. 2412
Latin American & Caribbean Studies, Julie Garbarino, ext. 2156
Mathematics, Mary Beth Mayer, ext. 2515
Modern Languages and Literatures, Louise Carcusa, ext. 2418
Peace & Justice Studies, Charlene Wallace, ext. 2272
Philosophy, Charlene Wallace, ext. 2272
Physics, Julia LaVeccia, ext. 2564
Politics, Joan Huvane, ext. 2291
Psychology, Joan Patrick, ext. 2926
Religious Studies, Charlene Wallace, ext. 2272
Russian & East European Studies, Alexa Mullady, ext. 2412
Sociology & Anthropology, Michelle Lesko, ext. 2214
Visual and Performing Arts, Caitlin Hughes (VPA coordinator), ext. 2459; Louise Carcusa (Program assistant), ext. 2418
Women's Studies, Alexa Mullady, ext. 2414

Charles F. Dolan School of Business

Faculty Contacts

Accounting: (B.S.) Joan Lee, chair, ext. 3015; (M.S., MBA and C.A.S.), Dawn Massey, coordinator, ext. 2844
Graduate Business: (MBA) Mark Ligas, associate dean and director, ext. 3019
Finance: (BS) Walter F. Hlawitschka, chair, ext. 2826; (MS), Gregory Koutmos, coordinator, ext. 2832
Information Systems: (B.S.), James He, chair, ext. 2835
International Business: (B.S.), Tarry Ann Jones , director and chair, ext. 2786
Management: (B.S.), Carl Scheraga , chair, ext. 2419
Marketing: (B.S.), Rajasree Rajamma, chair, ext. 2834

Faculty Assistant Contacts

For B.S. programs, contact Barbara Dusenbery, faculty assistant, ext. 2290
For M.S. programs, contact Julie Frassetto, faculty assistant, ext. 2843

School of Nursing

Faculty & Administrative Assistant Contacts

Doctor of Nursing Practice-Family (DNP), Joyce Shea, assoc. dean for graduate studies, ext. 2719; Joan Millen assistant, ext. 3363
Master in Nursing Leadership (MSN), Sally Gerard, track coordinator, ext. 2735, Kathleen Borrelli assistant, ext. 2701
Family Nurse Practitioner (MSN), Sheila Grossman, track coordinator, ext. 2705, Kathleen Borrelli, assistant, ext. 2701
Psych Nurse Practitioner (MSN), Kathleen Wheeler, track coordinator, ext. 2708, Kathleen Borrelli, assistant, ext. 2701
Theresa Quell, undergraduate program director, Donna Ormsbee, assistant, ext. 2762
RN to BSN program, Carole Pomarico, adult program director, Cathleen Tuttle, assistant, ext. 2702

School of Engineering

Faculty Contacts

Bruce Berdanier, dean
Bill Taylor, associate dean

Electrical and Computer Engineering (BS and MS), Doug Lyon, chair, ext. 3155
Management of Technology (MS) Harvey Hoffman, director, ext. 3080
Mechanical Engineering (BS and MS), Shahrokh Etemad, director and chair, ext. 3154
Software Engineering (BS and MS), Wook-Sung Yoo, director and chair, ext. 3331

Administrative Assistant Contacts

Annette Castelot or Lorraine Catelot, assistants, ext. 4147

Graduate School of Education and Allied Professions

Faculty Contacts

Indust./Org. Psychology (M.A.), Paul Maloney, director, ext. 2333
Found. of Adv. Psychology (M.A.), Paul Maloney, director, ext. 2333
School Counseling (M.A. and C.A.S.), Diana Hulse, chair, ext. 2245
Educational Technology (M.A. and C.A.S.), Gayle Bogel, director, ext. 2324
School Library Media Specialist (M.A. and C.A.S.), Gayle Bogel, director, ext. 2324
Secondary Education (M.A. and C.A.S.), Stephanie Storms, director, ext. 3334
Elementary Education (M.A.), Ryan Colwell, director, ext. 2586
Marriage and Family Therapy (M.A.), Nicole O'Brien, director, ext. 2475
Family Studies (M.A.), Rona Preli, chair, ext. 2475
School Psychology (M.A. and C.A.S.), Paula Gill-Lopez, director, ext. 2632
Special Education (M.A. and C.A.S.), Deborah Edelman, director, ext. 2528
TESOL (M.A. and C.A.S.), Anne E. Campbell, director, ext. 2873
Bilingual Education, World Language Education (M.A. and C.A.S.), Anne E. Campbell, director, ext. 2873

Advanced Training Certificate Program Contacts

Applied Behavior Analysis, Paula Gill-Lopez, director, ext. 2632
Integration of Spirituality into Counseling, Diana Hulse, chair, ext. 2245
Substance Abuse Counseling, Diana Hulse, chair, ext. 2245
School-Based Marriage and Family Counseling, Rona Preli, chair, ext. 2475