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At Fairfield, we offer 41 graduate programs across all of our schools. But it's what our students do with these degrees that makes Fairfield such a unique academic environment.

We believe there's power in collaboration. You'll become a more in-demand graduate.

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Fairfield University's Master of Science in accounting provides advanced knowledge in the field of accounting, so individuals can succeed in an environment that increasingly requires a grounding in ethical, legal, and regulatory matters, as well as knowledge of technology's role in accounting, financial reporting, and auditing. You’ll not only meet these professional needs, but also address the educational requirements of most states for certification.
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American Studies

Fairfield University's Master of Arts in American Studies focuses on the cultural and intellectual life of the United States, and is dedicated to providing a comprehensive and critical understanding of the American experience. With built-in flexibility, you’ll be able to specialize in a particular field or pursue a broad scope of the American experience.
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Applied Psychology

The Master of Arts in Applied Psychology offers a solid education in the theories, philosophies, and practices of this dynamic and growing field through three distinct programs of study. A dedicated faculty from each program challenges you intellectually, while giving individual guidance, providing you a strong foundation on which to build a successful career, no matter which field you pursue.
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Business Analytics

Fairfield’s master of science in business analytics focuses on developing new insights and understanding of business
performance based on data and statistical methods, attributes increasingly in demand in a variety of industries. This 30- credit program is designed with special emphasis on database management and business intelligence, providing students with the tools they need for collecting, analyzing and interpreting information in order to make sound strategic business decisions and drive successful business planning.

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Clinical Mental Health Counseling

The Clinical Mental Health Counseling Master's degree offerscounseling courses under the guidance of a nationally recognized faculty dedicated to your career endeavors. Students can pursue a 60-hour Master of Arts (MA) degree in clinical mental health counseling or a Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) degree in clinical mental health counseling.
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Fairfield University's Master of Arts in Communication emphasizes theory, research, and application to examine the ways humans communicate—verbally and nonverbally—across a variety of levels and contexts. As a graduate student, you'll work individually with a faculty advisor to tailor your curriculum to your personal, professional, and academic goals.
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Doctor of Nursing Practice

Fairfield University’s Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) is a non-research degree that focuses on the assessment and application of existing evidence to improve practice. With this knowledge, DNP Family Nurse Practitioner and DNP Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner graduates are prepared for leadership roles in a variety of settings—as executives in healthcare organizations, directors of clinical programs, or faculty programs with a clinical focus, to name a few.
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Doctor of Nursing Practice Anesthesia

The doctor of nursing practice (DNP) in nurse anesthesia concentration prepares students as expert clinicians for every stage and setting in which anesthesia is delivered to patients. In addition to becoming skilled clinicians, graduates are prepared to be healthcare leaders who can care for a variety of patients within their specialty.
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Educational Technology

The Master of Arts in Educational Technology is tailored to the needs of working professionals, and provides initial and advanced training in integrating technology into a wide variety of teaching environments. Students will be trained as teachers, co-teachers, consultants in schools and organizations, and for professional development positions.
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Electrical and Computer Engineering

Fairfield University's Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering (MSECE) provides students with the knowledge and skills to innovate and lead in their chosen discipline, all within the framework of research and development in academic institutions, the industrial workplace, research laboratories or service organizations.
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Elementary Education

The Educational Studies and Teacher Preparation Department offers graduate programs for new and experienced teachers in Elementary Education organized around reflective inquiry and socially responsible professional practice. Students can pursue a Master of Arts (MA) or a Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS).
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Family Studies

The Master of Arts in Family Studies is a non-clinical program within the Department of Marriage and Family Therapy. Graduates of the program may enter a variety of non-clinical human services vocations and/or pursue further advanced degrees in human and family development.
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Fairfield University's Master of Science in finance provides unique opportunities for individuals who want to further their careers in the areas of investments, corporate finance, and banking. The MS in Finance can be pursued on either a full-time or part-time basis and consists of 10 three-credit courses.
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M.F.A. in Creative Writing

As a student in the creative writing program, you can pursue fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and scriptwriting/playwriting. Our new concentration in publishing/editing has helped students get internships and jobs at magazines and publishing houses alike. And our post-grad teacher-training program has helped students land teaching positions at the college level.
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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Fairfield’s Master of Business Administration prepares students with the diverse skills required for business leadership. A generalist degree, the MBA program provides a broad foundation of knowledge, with the opportunity to specialize in a functional area of business.
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Marriage & Family Therapy

The Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) educates candidates for careers as marriage and family therapists, and is fully accredited with the Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education (COAMFTE). The curriculum and clinical training focuses on preparing you to work with diverse populations who have experienced a broad range of problems.
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Fairfield University’s Master of Science in Mathematics teaches you the necessary theoretical skills to learn advanced mathematics as well as the quantitative methods needed to apply these results to real world problems.
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M.S. in Nursing-Family Nurse Practitioner Track

Fairfield University's Master of Science in Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner Track prepares students to manage the healthcare needs of individuals and their families, emphasizing health promotion and disease prevention, as well as diagnosis and management of acute and chronic diseases.
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M.S. in Nursing - Nursing Leadership

Fairfield University's Master of Science in Nursing–Nursing Leadership is an advanced education nurse generalist degree. This is the perfect degree for graduate nurses who do not wish to be nurse practitioners but want to maximize career options in dynamic healthcare environments, including management, clinical nurse leaders, nurse navigators, care coordinators (trauma and stroke), hospital education, adjunct clinical faculty, quality improvement, risk management, and a variety of newly emerging roles.
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M.S. in Nursing-Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Track

Fairfield University's Master of Science in Nursing, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Track prepares students to assess, diagnose, and provide primary mental health care. Graduates of the program go on to work in a wide array of specialties, including private practice, home care, emergency rooms, integrated behavioral clinics, community mental health centers, and even psychopharmacology.
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Management of Technology

Fairfield University's Master of Science in the Management of Technology (MSMOT) endows students with the necessary knowledge, creativity, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills to successfully manage technology enterprises of all kinds. Upon graduation, you’ll have the confidence and skills to meet the most demanding management challenges that businesses face.
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Mechanical Engineering

Fairfield University's Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MSME) is designed to serve the needs of practicing engineers, and those aspiring to an advanced degree in mechanical engineering and related specializations. Students will have the option of specializing in one of two broad concentrations: thermal systems or mechanical systems.
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Post Masters Doctor of Nursing Practice

The Advanced Practice DNP is a clinical doctorate in an advanced specialty of nursing practice, comparable to clinical doctorates in other health disciplines such as pharmacy, physical therapy, and medicine. The Advance Practice MSN-DNP will give you the skills you need to excel in today's complex, challenging and ever-changing healthcare environment.
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Public Administration (MPA)

Fairfield University’s new state-accredited Master of Public Administration (MPA) is designed to examine pressing social, ethical, and professional issues, while developing strong leadership abilities for career advancement. Students are also able to work with dedicated teachers to tailor their curriculum to their personal, professional, and academic goals.
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School Counseling

Fairfield University’s Master of Arts in School Counseling degree offers counseling courses under the guidance of faculty members who are nationally recognized in the field through their scholarship and active service in national, professional organizations. Students can pursue a 48-hour Master of Arts (MA) degree in school counseling or a Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) degree in school counseling.
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School Psychology

Fairfield University’s Master of Arts (MA) degree and Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) in School Psychology develop competencies in the areas of assessment, consultation, and direct intervention. During your time in the program, you will evolve as a professional through classroom experiences, faculty support, and opportunities to apply your growing knowledge and skills, in school and clinical agencies.
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Secondary Education

The Educational Studies and Teacher Preparation Department offers nationally accredited graduate programs for aspiring middle and high school teachers that are organized around the ideals of reflective inquiry and socially responsible professional practices.
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Software Engineering

Fairfield University's Master of Science in Software Engineering (MSSE) focuses on the skills in design, analysis, implementation, testing, and validation you need to develop sophisticated and successful software projects.
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Special Education

The Master of Arts in Special Education teaches professional instructors to apply specialized support to students with challenges through educational, social, cognitive, rehabilitative, and behavioral management approaches.
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Teaching and Foundations

The Educational Studies and Teacher Preparation Department offers programs for educational professionals who wish to deepen and expand their knowledge of teaching and learning in a socio-cultural context. Students may pursue a Master of Arts in Teaching and Foundation or a Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS).
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TESOL, World Languages, and Bi-lingual Education

The TESOL program offers several programs that prepare teachers to meet the needs of students in grades Pre-K through 12 who are learning a second language. Fairfield is the only NCATE and TESOL accredited university in Connecticut to offer initial certification with an MA in TESOL and cross-endorsements in bilingual education (elementary and secondary).
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