Part-Time Studies

Make your next step the greatest one yet!

At Fairfield, we know that every student has a different educational goal, and that each student takes a different path to meet that goal. This might mean attending college part time. As a part-time student at Fairfield, you'll have access to a dynamic, personalized learning environment, with the flexibility of day, evening or online courses.

Maybe you're completing your bachelor's degree, or perhaps you just want a richer learning experience on a particular subject. Whatever your interest in part-time learning, it's easy to get started. In fact, we don't always require an application.

Contact an academic advisor for complete information about enrollment and credit transfer or register online.
(203) 254-4100.

View the Program Sheet (PDF).

Part-time students have access to a variety of options to suit their objectives:

  • Certificate programs: 
We offer a broad array of professional and occupational certificate programs intended to enhance your skills and professional credentials.

  • Online Courses: Online courses are offered during the summer, fall, spring, and intersessions and accommodate students accelerating their degree program. 

  • Evening Courses: Evening courses are reserved for part-time and visiting students and available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • Personal Enrichment: Close to several major metropolitan areas, Fairfield University is a natural hub for intellectual and cultural activity, attracting distinguished teachers and speakers from around the country and the world. With such an engaging learning environment, students of all ages come to us from a broad range of backgrounds and interests to pursue personal enrichment.

  • Lifelong Learning Program: Explore the world of arts and humanities by auditing a wide spectrum of undergraduate courses.