Immigration: Undocumented Students in Higher Ed

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Connecticut Students for a DREAM (C4D)
CT, affiliate of a national network—United We Dream

A statewide organization that seeks to empower, train and advocate for and with undocumented migrants, families, and allies. C4D runs know-your-rights workshops, college access meetings, undocumented and queer discourse, and mentorship.

International Institute of Connecticut (IICONN)
CT, offices in Bridgeport, Stamford, Hartford, and Derby

"IICONN advocates for fair and equitable treatment of immigrants, refugees and others, and works to increase public awareness of the contributions of foreign-born persons to American culture and values."

Catholic Charities of Fairfield County
CT, affiliate of a national network—Catholic Charities

“The Immigration Services program provides affordable counseling and legal assistance to newcomers throughout Fairfield County regardless of race, religion, sex, creed or economic status.  Catholic Charities Immigration Services provides consultation on immigration related problems, and accredited representation at USCIS Immigration appointments.”


Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)
Federal Resource, USCIS

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals allows certain individuals, who meet specific guidelines, to request consideration of deferred action from USCIS. Individuals who receive deferred action will not be placed into removal proceedings or removed from the United States for a specified period of time unless terminated. If you receive deferred action, you may be eligible for employment authorization. Do you qualify?

What to do if you are Arrested by Immigration
City University of New York Network

This page is provided by the CUNY system, and serves as a good legal reference. However, this is NY based, meaning that laws and precautions will differ on a state-by-state basis.


Young People For (YP4)

YP4 is a national fellowship that strives to recruit young leaders from all walks of life and pair them up with a mentor to develop a blueprint for social justice. Mentors include political figures, community organizers, undocumented activists, etc. The fellowship is inclusive, and works to have undocumented and undocuqueer visibility every year, providing financial assistance to attend the local and national trainings.


1. Provide leadership development and training for immigrant youth through internships with social justice organizations

2. Increase the capacity of social justice organizations by providing them with talented and capable immigrant youth activists

3. Strengthen the commitment within social justice organizations to advance the rights of immigrant youth

4. Strengthen multi-generational social justice movements

5. Provide financial awards for immigrant youth to pursue their educational goals

College Support 

Hurtado Scholars Program
University of Santa Clara

A program that provides scholarships to Santa Clara students that has traditionally been able to help undocumented students secure funding at the University.
Contact: Aaron Uchikura
Jesuit Community-Rector’s Office: 408-554-6879

Advising Undocumented Students
College Board, National

A comprehensive document of state, national, and institutional policies regarding undocumented students in higher education. Professionals and high school counselor’s are strongly suggested to overview this document to prepare for potential conversations with students that may come forward as undocumented.

Frequently Asked Questions for Undocumented Students - University of California Schools
UC Applicants, National

If you are applying to any of the University of California schools, take a look at the following webpage that answers some basic questions about their allyship with undocumented students.

How to Support College-Bound Undocumented Students: Advice for Parents
National, Educators for Fair Consideration

The following resource page is good for professionals to have and distribute as needed, and also read to understand what they can do for undocumented students and where to allocate support from. The PDF file is also good for students, and for the primary audience, parents.


Ignatian Solidarity Network (ISN)

Offers leadership opportunities to students of Jesuit institutions, including undocumented students. ISN is an ally to the immigration reform movement and periodically have legislative updates, advocacy campaigns, and opportunities for undocumented students to share their stories and experiences.