Spring 2014 Service Learning Course Offerings


Course Name

Course #


SerL/SerL Option

Individual Taxation: Socioeconomic Applications

AC 344 ^


Students prepare income tax returns for taxpayers eligible for free tax return preparation service through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program of the IRS. SerL

Vertebrate Zoology

Vertebrate Zoology Lab

BI 318
BI 318L


Students will be involved in various research projects at the Connecticut Beardsley Zoo.  SerL

Explorations in Education: Teaching, Learning &Schooling

ED 200 *^


Students discover how education is accomplished in schools through the social construction of teaching and learning by serving with Cesar Batalla elementary school. SerL

Texts & Contexts

EN 11 *


Students will anchor their own learning by teaching others. The experience will include working with students and teachers at Bassick High School on various writing projects.  SerL

Literacy and Language

EN 172 *^+


Students participate in tutoring pairings with elementary school students at Cesar Batalla School in Bridgeport, observing and engaging with children’s literacy development. SerL 

Proposals and Grant Writing

EN/W 339 ^


Students will write grants for several local non-profits to support the growth and development of the organization’s programs in line with its mission.  SerL

Systems Analysis and Logical Design

IS 240


Students will work on live information systems projects with various non-profit organizations. SerL

International Information Systems

IS 350 ~


Students will gain understating of how technology can empower disadvantaged populations by working on and completing an information systems project for clients in Nicaragua. SerL

Community, Public, and Global Health Nursing

NS 330


Students will work with their community partners to establish sustainable, evidence-based interventions to address the identified health concern in a geographic area or population. SerL 

Capstone Research Seminar –

Peace & Justice Studies

PJ 398


Students will work with an evening tutoring program at the McGivney Community Center and examine the setting and context of the center located on the East Side of Bridgeport. SerL

Developmental Psychology for Majors

PY 212 ^


Students work with the Adrienne Kirby Family Literacy Project, doing literacy work and mentoring. SerL

American Society

SO 112 *^


Students will complete service learning projects -- focused on issues such as economic development, hunger, homelessness, etc. -- with community partners in Bridgeport.  SerL Option

Elementary Spanish

SP 111 *

(Section O)


Students will tutor English as a Second Language students, practice with native speakers and learn about culture through hands-on experience.  SerL

SerL = all students in the course are required to participate in service learning
SerL Option = students have a choice to participate in service learning as a final project and/or in lieu of another comparable project.

*Core Course
^ US Diversity Course

+ Living & Learning Community Course
~ World Diversity Course