Office of Service Learning

Fall 2014 Service Learning Course Offerings

Number Title Professor Service Learning Description

AC 380

Non-profit & Governmental Accounting


Students serve with not-for-profit organizations, aiding the organization’s accounting department in processing accounting transactions, assisting in analyzing and reconciling accounts, or engaging in a low-level study of the organization’s internal control structure. SerL

CO 242  Alcohol, Addiction, and Culture Wills Students work with local high school students to take a critical look at prominent everyday conversations about alcohol, strategize ways to talk about alcohol use and alcoholism, and develop action plans. SerL
ED 200A*^ Explorations in Teaching Calderwood Students discover how education is accomplished in schools through the social construction of teaching and learning by serving with a high needs school. SerL
ED 200B*^  Explorations in Teaching Storms Students discover how education is accomplished in schools through the social construction of teaching and learning by serving with a high needs school. SerL
ED 329* Philosophy of Education, An Introduction Kohli Students will work with Saint Martin de Porres Academy on an agreed upon project that meets the mutual goals of the students and school.  University students will also host eigth graders from Saint Martin on campus for a day. SerL (all sections)  
EN 11* Texts & Concepts Huber Students anchor their own learning by teaching others.  The experience will include working with students and teachers at Bassick High School on various writing projects. SerL 
EN 172*^+  Literacy and Language Bowen Students participate in tutoring pairings with elementary school students at Cesar Batalla Elementary School in Bridgeport, CT, observing and engaging with children's literacy development. SerL 
EN 281^  Native American Literature  Bayers  Students will travel to the town of LaPlan on the Cheyenee River Reservation (Lakota) in late August to help the local population by working on construction projects, serving as camps counselors, and hosting community-wide meals.  Students will also be helping to transcribe an oral history project for the community throughout the semester. SerL Option 
EN/W 302 Poetry Writing II  Davis  Students, in teams with students from the Fairfield University Writing Center, facilitate poetry workshops in local elementary schools. SerL Option 
EN/W 339^  Grant and Proposal Writing Sobocinski  Students write grants for several local non-profits to support the growth and development of the organization's programs in line with its mission. SerL 
HI 284*^+  20th Century Russia  McFadden  Students conduct oral history projects with Russian residents of the Sycamore Community in Bridgeport, CT, learning about history from texts as well as lived experiences. SerL 
IS 240  Systems Analysis and Logical Design  Vinekar  Students work on live information systems projects with non-profit organizations. SerL 
NS 112^+  Health Care Delivery Systems  Planas  Students will work with local elementary schools or hospitals to create and implement health education initiatives. SerL 
NS 330  Community, Public, and Global Health Nursing  Mager Students work with community partners to establish sustainable, evidence-based interventions to address the identified health concern in a geographic area or population. There is also an opportunity to travel to Managua, Nicaragua for an International Service Learning experience. SerL 
PY 212^  Developmental Psychology for Majors  Primavera  Students work with the Adrienne Kirby Family Literacy Project, doing literacy work and mentoring. SerL 
PY 221  Social Psychology  Andreychik  Students will work with Barnum School tutoring students in literacy and assessing the impact of the intervention. SerL 
SO 185*^+  International Migration   Jones  Students work with local organizations serving migrants. SerL 
SW 304*  Web Development I  Rusu  Students engage in semester-long team projects that assist local community-based and non-profit organizations. The techniques and methodologies studied in the course are applied to designing and development a real-world web application for the organization.  SerL 
SW 550  Capstone Project I Yoo  Students work on a software project -- from developing organizational management software tools to setting up a wireless network -- for and with communty-based organizations. SerL Option 

SerL = all students in the course are required to participate in service learning
SerL Option = students have a choice to participate in service learning as a final project and/or in lieu of another comparable project.

*Core Course
^ US Diversity Course

+ Living & Learning Community Course
~ World Diversity Course