Applied Ethics - Course of Study

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AE 262 Ethics and the Community
AE 265 Ethics in Education
AE 270 Ethical Dimensions of Global Violence
AE 271 The Sacred Balance
AE 275 Ethics and the Global Environment
AE 276 Ethical Dimensions of Global Business Practices
AE 281 Ethics of Communications
AE 282 Ethics and Computers
AE 283 Environmental Justice
AE 284 Environmental Ethics
AE 285 Ethics of Healthcare
AE 286 Ethics of Research and Technology
AE 287 Engineering Ethics
AE 288 Ethical Dimensions of Global Humanitarian Policy
AE 289 Global Health Care Policy
AE 290 Ethics in America: The Telecourse
AE 291 Business Ethics
AE 293 Ethics of War and Peace
AE 294 Ethics of Media and Politics
AE 295 Ethics in Law and Society
AE 296 Ethics in Government
AE 297 Eco-feminism
AE 298 Ethics and Feminist Perspectives
AE 299 Special Topics in Applied Ethics
AE 384 Reflections on the Environment: Focus on Latin America and the Caribbean
AE 391/BU 391 Seminar in Business Law, Regulation, and Ethics
AE 393 Seminar in War, Peace, and Public Policy
AE 395 Seminar in Legal Ethics
AE 396 Seminar in Ethics and Government
AE 397 Seminar in Bioethics I: Ethical Issues in Health Care Practice
AE 398 Seminar in Bioethics II: Ethical Issues in Biomedical Research and Resource Allocation
AE 399 Special Topics in Applied Ethics

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