Applied Ethics - Requirements

For a 15-credit minor in applied ethics, students complete the following:

  • A philosophy course that emphasizes ethics, a religious studies course that emphasizes moral theology, and an intermediate (200-level or greater) course in applied ethics as part of your Area III core credits
  • 6-9 credits in intermediate applied ethics courses (AE 262 through AE 299)
  • 6-9 credits in advanced applied ethics seminars (AE 391 through AE 398). AE 384/EV 384/LAC 384, and AE 399 (independent study) will also satisfy this requirement.

Note: Substitutions are possible as approved by the program director.


Applied ethics courses are normally taken to fulfill the fifth core requirement in Area III: philosophy, religious studies, and applied ethics. Students must complete 1 course in philosophy or 1 course in religious studies before enrolling in any 200-level applied ethics course, and 2 courses in either philosophy or religious studies (2 in either or 1 in each) before enrolling in any 300-level applied ethics seminar.