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The Caryatid Hairstyling Project at Fairfield University in April 2009 tested the 
possibility of replicating the hairstyles and braiding techniques of the marble Caryatids (or maidens) from the South Porch of the Erechtheion on the Athenian Acropolis. 6 students (5 art history majors and 1 psychology major) were selected for the project on the basis of the length and thickness of their hair. They participated out of curiosity, then after the hairstyling, became enthralled by the direct connection they felt to the ancient Athenian culture.

"Participating in The Caryatid Hairstyling Project really made me understand 
that there was a group of people actually alive at that time period. It no longer 
seemed like some point in ancient history."
 - Amber Nowak '12 (Kore C)

Often hairstyles in ancient Greek art are elaborate and appear decorative. However, professional hairstylists today can readily recognize the technical virtuosity within these ancient designs. The Caryatids are individually referred to as Kore A - F (Kore is Greek for "maiden"). The elaborate hairstyles reflect a visual symbol connecting these maidens to the larger Athenian community. It is this connection that traveled through the ages to our current Fairfield students as they participated in this unique proect.

Kore A - Sandra Cimino '09

cas_ah_koreu cas_ah_kore_a_1 cas_ah_korev

Kore B - Dana Westrup '10

cas_ah_koreg cas_ah_koreh cas_ah_korei

Kore C - Amber Nowak '12

cas_ah_korek cas_ah_korel cas_ah_korej

Kore D - Mara Giarratana Young '11

cas_ah_koren cas_ah_korea_2 cas_ah_korem

Kore E - Caitlin Parker '11

cas_ah_koreq cas_ah_koreo cas_ah_korep

Kore F - Shannon Berger '11

cas_ah_kores cas_ah_koret cas_ah_korer

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