Asian Studies - Course of Study

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Asian Studies

AN 301 Independent Study 
AN 310 Asian Studies Seminar


CO 241 Communication and Culture: East and West


EC 120 Environmental Economics 
EC 230 Comparative Economic Systems: Asian Economies
EC 235 Economic Development of Third World Nations


HI 279 China to the 1800s
HI 285 Modern China: 1800 to Present
HI 286 Rise of Modern Japan: 1800 to Present
HI 366 Gender, Culture, and Representation: Women in China and Japan, 1600 to Present 
HI 367 East Asia in 20th-Century American Wars

Modern Languages and Literatures

CI 110-111 Elementary Chinese 
CI 210-211 Intermediate Chinese 
CI 220 Advanced Chinese 
CI 250/EN 118 Modern China Through Fiction and Film 
CI 251 New Chinese Cinema
CI 252/EN 119 The City and Modern China 
JA 110-111 Elementary Japanese 
JA 210-211 Intermediate Japanese


PH 233 Introduction to Asian Philosophies
PH 245 Confucianism
PH 247 Philosophical Daoism and Zen Buddhism


PO 12 Introduction to Comparative Politics
PO 145 Asian Politics
PO 146 Three Giants in Asia
PO 148 Political Violence

Religious Studies

RS 10 Introduction to Religious Studies: Asian Religions 
RS 284 Buddhist Thought in India 
RS 287 Hinduism 
RS 288 Buddhism 
RS 289 Tantrism 
RS 290 Religions of China
RS 292 North Pacific Tribal Religion 
RS 388 Buddhist Spirituality
RS 389 Seminar on Tibetan Religions

Visual and Performing Arts

AH 12 Introduction to the Art History of Asia, Africa, and the Americas (by petition and pre-approval only)
AH 100 Arts of India, China, and Japan
TA 122 Asian Theatre