Black Studies

The Black Studies program at Fairfield University is designed to provide you with a comprehensive study of the origins and experiences of people of African descent. The program uses the methodology and analytical instruments of various disciplines in the humanities and social sciences to shed light on these conditions. The principal aim is to introduce you to the field by exploring the social, political, and economic roots of contemporary problems and by examining them in the context of the wider world.

‌Given its interdisciplinary nature, the program draws from various disciplines especially, in the humanities and social sciences. In addition to exploring new areas of contact among these disciplines, the minor helps prepare you for life in an increasingly multi-ethnic and global society. It also provides you with the opportunity to build on skills needed for graduate study and for professional careers in:

  • Community service
  • Education
  • Government
  • Law
  • Private industry

The Black Studies program explores the African diaspora and its interaction with culture and society in the Americas. Interdisciplinary in nature, the program combines humanities courses from literature, music, and film together with the social sciences and history to provide students with an understanding of the far-reaching impact of race and ethnicity across continents. The program explores the reality of Blacks in the United States, but in a broader historical and comparative perspective that is informed by the experiences of people of African descent throughout the Americas.

In addition, the program uses a cross-cultural approach, incorporating the active participation of faculty, students, and the larger community. The faculty ground their students in history, literature, drama, the arts, and the social sciences, with specific emphasis on the achievement of moral ideals such as equality and democracy, cultural theory, and the social, aesthetic, and political ideas emerging from historical and contemporary societies.

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