Black Studies - Course of Study

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Focus Courses

AY 130 Cultures of Africa
AY 190 North African Society and Culture

Black Studies
BL 398 Independent Study/Research in Black Studies

EC 130 Haiti: An Economic Perspective

EN 105 The African Diaspora: Literature and Culture
EN 133 The African American Literary Tradition
EN 262 Harlem Renaissance
EN 263 African American Women Writers
EN 264 African American Fiction, 1940-1980
EN 265 Contemporary African/American Fiction
EN 336 Seminar on Toni Morrison

FR 260 Introduction to Francophone Sub-Saharan African Culture

HI 220 Ancient African Civilizations
HI 262 African-American History, 1619 to 1865
HI 263 Inventing Themselves: African-American Women in U.S. History
HI 264 African-American History, 1865 to Present
HI 293 West Africa and the Making of the Atlantic World, 1444-1880
HI 301/CL 301 Ancient Greece, Rome, & Africa
HI 337 Race, Violence and Punishment in the United States 1865-1976
HI 338 The Long Black Freedom Struggle

PH 360 Critical Race Theory

PO 141 African Politics

SO 165 Race, Cities, and Poverty

Visual and Performing Arts
AH 165 The Black Experience: African American Art and Criticism in the Twentieth Century
FM 204 African American Cinema
MU 101 The History of Jazz
MU 112 The Music of Black Americans

Component Courses

BI 71 Identity and the Human Genome

EN 114/FR 295 Caribbean Literature: History, Culture, and Identity
EN 131 American Women Writers of Color
EN 375 Caribbean Women Writers

HI 238 19th-Century United States
HI 239 20th-Century United States
HI 342 Immigration, Ethnicity, and Race in U.S. History

PO 143 Caribbean Politics
PO 153 Politics of Race, Class, and Gender

Religious Studies
RS 235 Liberation Theology

SO 162 Race, Gender, and Ethnic Relations
SO 163 Urban/Suburban Sociology
SO 185 Introduction to International Migration

Visual and Performing Arts
AH 12 Introduction to the Art History of Asia, Africa, and the Americas
MU 122 World Music History and Ensemble
MU 132 Critical Issues in American Popular Music: Blues to Hip Hop

BL 398 Independent Study/Research

Upon request and by agreement with a professor in the program, a Black Studies minor may conduct a one-semester independent study on a defined research topic or field of study. Three credits.

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