Black Studies - Requirements

For an 18-credit minor in Black studies, students must complete the following:

  • Five courses drawn from the sciences, social sciences, history and from the humanities; no more than 3 courses can come from any one of these areas. The 5 courses must represent 3 different disciplines. At least 3 must be "focus" courses; the other two may be "component" courses.

The final 3 credits will be taken at the 300 level and requires writing and defending a research paper dealing with some aspect of the African Diaspora before the Black Studies committee. You can either sign up for BL 398 Independent Study/Research or select one of the 300 level courses listed here. If you select one of the existing 300 level offerings, you would be required to declare it as your capstone course to one of the program directors and take on the added responsibility of meeting with the directors and participating in a final defense of your work.