Catholic Studies - Course of Study

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Art History

AH 120 Medieval Art
AH 121 The Celtic World and Early Irish Art
AH 130 Early Renaissance Art in Italy
AH 131 High Renaissance and Mannerism in Italy
AH 135 Renaissance and Baroque Architecture
AH 140 Baroque Art
AH 222 Bryzantine Art
AH 242 The Arts of Spain and Its World, 1474-1700


BI 96 God and Modern Biology


EN 115 Dante
EN 161 Irish Literature
EN 311 Chaucer
EN 312 Medieval English Drama
EN 372 All About Eve


HI 203 European Society in the Middle Ages
HI 215 Ireland from the Middle Ages to the Present
HI 288 Colonial Latin America
HI 317 Religious Outsiders in Early Modern France and Europe


HR 202 Honors Seminar: Dante


IT 289 Dante


PH 209 Augustine, Pascal, and Camus
PH 212 Plato to Machiavelli
PH 214 The Problem of God
PH 215 Metaphysics
PH 217 Mysticism and Western Philosophy
PH 219 Aquinas
PH 287 Philosophy of Religion


PO 115 Introduction to the Study of Peace and Justice
PO 147 Northern Ireland: The Politics of War and Peace
PO 151 Politics of the Immigrant: The Irish Catholic and the East European Jewish Communities

Religious Studies

RS 112 The Problem of God
RS 115 Introduction to Catholicism
RS 117 Jesus Christ, Yesterday and Today
RS 123 The Church
RS 126 The Sacraments in Christian Life
RS 175 Contemporary Moral Problems
RS 197 Evil
RS 202 Finding God in All Things: The Spiritual Legacy of Ignatius Loyola
RS 204 Voices of Medieval Women: Silent No More
RS 205 Selected Topics in the Catholic Tradition
RS 207 The Reformation Era
RS 224 The Papacy
RS 235 Liberation Theology
RS 238 American Catholic Theologians
RS 239 Lay Perspectives on Christian Spirituality
RS 260 The Writings of Paul
RS 266 The Reinterpretation of the New Testament
RS 276 The Morality of Marriage
RS 280 Morality and Law
RS 282 Catholic Social Teaching
RS 296 Saints and Sinners: Images of Holiness in Contemporary Fiction