Computer Science - Course of Study

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CS 141/MA 141 Introduction to Computer Science and Programming I
CS 142 Introduction to Computer Science and Programming II
CS 221 Computer Organization and Assembler
CS 231 Discrete Mathematics
CS 232 Data Structures
CS 252 Foundations for Software Construction 
CS 322 Computer Architecture
CS 324 Microprocessors
CS 331 Operating Systems
CS 342 Theory of Computation
CS 343 Analysis of Algorithms
CS 351 Database Management System Design
CS 353 Principles of Compiler Design
CS 354 Theory of Programming Languages
CS 355 Artificial Intelligence
CS 377/MA 377Numerical Analysis
CS 391 Cognitive Science Seminar
CS 392 Computer Science Seminar
CS 397/398 Internship in Computer Science
CS 399 Independent Study in Computer Science

Non-Major Course Descriptions

CS 131 Computer Programming I
CS 132 Computer Programming II
CS 133 Introduction to C Programming
CS 233 Introduction to C++ Programming