History - Course of Study

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Required Core Course:

HI 10 Origins of the Modern World

American History Courses:

HI 237 The American Prophetic Tradition
HI 238 Nineteenth-century United States
HI 239 20th-Century United States
HI 240 The Personal is Political: Women's Activism in the 1960s
HI 241/TA 241 Examining the Sixties: History, Art, and Legacy
HI 243 American Constitutional and Legal History I, 1776 to 1900
HI 244 American Constitutional and Legal History II, 1900 to Present
HI 245 Feminism in the United States
HI 246 Women and Gender in U.S. History
HI 247 Family and Sexuality in U.S. History
HI 250 America Enters the World: United States Foreign Relations, 1763 to 1900
HI 251 The American Century?: The United States and the World since 1900
HI 253 Early America to 1800
HI 257 Who Built America? Working People in American History
HI 260 American Indian History
HI 262 African-American History, 1619 to 1865
HI 263 Inventing Themselves: African-American Women in U.S. History
HI 264 African-American History, 1865 to Present
HI 331 American Revolution and the New Nation
HI 335 Civil War and Reconstruction
HI 337 Race, Violence and Punishment in the United States 1865-1976
HI 338 The Long Black Freedom Struggle
HI 342 Immigration, Ethnicity, and Race in U.S. History
HI 348 Social Movements in U.S. History: The 1960's
HI 356 History of the Cold War
HI 362 The Frontier: A Green History of North America

European History Courses:

HI 201 History of Western Science
HI 202 Health and Healing in America 1650-1980: History of Western Medicine
HI 203 European Society in the Middle Ages
HI 205 Antisemitism: Medieval to Modern
HI 210 The Third Reich
HI 212 Modern Germany: From Reich to Republic
HI 213 In the Wake of Destruction: Europe Since World War II
HI 214 Modern Jewish History: 1750-Present
HI 215 Ireland from the Middle Ages to the Present
HI 216 Rise of the British Empire
HI 217 Britain and its Empire Since 1800
HI/CL 221 The Hellenistic World, 336-30 BC
HI/CL 222 The Roman Revolution
HI/CL 223 The Roman World in Late Antiquity, 284-642 AD
HI 230 Early Modern France: Passion, Politics, and the Making of National Identity
HI 270 History of Global Humanitarian Action
HI 271 Introduction to Russian History, Culture and Civilization
HI 272 Russia, 700-1700: History and Myth
HI 273 History and Culture of Central and Eastern Europe since 1945
HI 274/IL 260 Historical Perspectives on Contemporary Global Crises
HI 275 Russia's Road to Revolution, 1689 to 1917
HI 276 St. Petersburg in Russian History
HI 284 20th-Century Russia
HI 302 History and Memory: Coming to Terms with Traumatic Pasts
HI 303 What If? Alternate History and the Historical Imagination
HI 304 The Holocaust in History and Memory
HI 313 Godless: Atheism and Skeptical Thought in the West
HI 314 Peasant Toil, Peasant Revolt: Daily Life in Rural Europe before 1900
HI 315 Ireland Since the Famine
HI 316 The French Revolution and Napoleon
HI 317 Religious Outsiders in Early Modern France and Europe
HI 323 England: Reformation to Revolution
HI/CL 325 Athenian Democracy & Empire
HI 385 Comparative Russian Revolutions

Non-Western History Courses:

HI /CL 220 Ancient African Civilizations
HI 277 Mexico: Cortés to NAFTA
HI 279 China from Classical Time to the 1800s
HI 280 The West and the Middle East
HI 281 Portrait of the Arab
HI 282 Last Empires of the Islamic World, 1400-1923
HI 285 Modern China: 1800 to Present
HI 286 The Rise of Modern Japan: 1800 to Present
HI 287 A Green History of Latin America
HI 288 Colonial Latin America, 1492 to 1800
HI 289 Modern Latin America, 1800 to Present
HI 293 West Africa and the Making of the Atlantic World, 1444-1880
HI 294 History of the Middle East during the Ottoman Empire
HI/CL 324 Ancient Greece, Rome and Africa
HI 366 Gender, Culture, and Representation: Women in China and Japan 1600 to Present
HI 367 East Asia in 20th-Century American Wars
HI 371 Arab-Israeli Conflict
HI 372 Terrorism in History

Other History Courses:

HI 298 Historical Geography
HI 299 History Workshop
HI 391 The Meanings of History 
HI 392 Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
HI 395 History Internship
HI 397 Special Topics in History
HI 399 Independent Study