Individually Designed Majors - Course Offerings

indiv_student11The Individually Designed Major allows qualified students in the College of Arts and Sciences, under appropriate direction, to design and pursue an interdisciplinary major presently not available in the College.

The Individually Designed Major is what its name implies, a major designed by a student. The major must be a true major, with a progression of courses, including an appropriate number of advanced courses. It cannot be a simple collection of introductory courses in several disciplines. The major may be an extension of a presently existing interdisciplinary minor, or it may be a wholly new subject (e.g. Nineteenth-Century Europe). Courses already taken may be included in the major, but the Individually Designed Major should be, as a whole, a planned endeavor, not simply the pulling together of courses already taken.

Look through the Fairfield University Catalog for course possibilities