Program Faculty

‌Students choose at least two faculty advisors, preferably from two different departments, who will work with him/her in developing the proposed course of study. If the proposed major is an extension of a current interdisciplinary minor, the minor program's director must also review the course of study.


cas_bio_walker Brian Walker
Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
Associate Professor of Biology
B.A., Drake University
M.S., Dalhousie University, Canada
Ph.D., University of Washington

Individually Designed Major Committee

cas_bio_braun Phyllis Braun
Professor of Biology
B.S., Fairfield University
Ph.D., Georgetown University
cas_econ_murray ‌Thomas Murray
Assistant Professor of Economics
B.A. Stonehill College
M.A., Ph.D., University of Notre Dame
cas_eng_odriscoll ‌Sally O'Driscoll
Professor of English
B.A., Queens College, City University of New York
M.A., M. Phil., Ph.D., The Graduate School of
the City University of New York

Program Assistant 

Jean Siconolfi
CNS 100
Ext. 2223

Past Faculty Advisors

Anthropology: Sheila Candelario, David Crawford, Scott Lacy
Archaeology: Scott Lacy, Kraig Steffen
Arts Management: Marti LoMonaco, Carl Scheraga
Asian Studies: Anna-Maria Aksan, Ron Davidson, Jiwei Xiao
Behavioral Neuroscience: Shannon Gerry, Shannon Harding
Chinese Studies: Ron Davidson, Danke Li, Jiwei Xiao
Classical Studies: Sara Brill, Vincent Rosivach
Creative Multimedia Journalism: James Simon
Environmental Planning and Sustainability: David Downie, Scott Lacy
Environmental Science: James BiardiDavid Downie, Jen KlugScott Lacy, Kraig Steffen
Intercultural Studies: Johanna Garvey, Liz Hohl, Danke Li
Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies: David Crawford, Marcie Patton
Latin American Studies: Dina Franceschi, Terry-Ann Jones
Russian and East European Studies: David McFadden
Visual Media Marketing: Suzanne Chamlin-Richer
Women's Studies: Sara Brill, Johanna Garvey
Writing Perspectives on the Environmental Sciences: David Downie, James Simon