Latin American and Caribbean Studies - Course of Study

See Latin American and Caribbean Studies course descriptions from our catalog for more information (Adobe PDF required).

Applied Ethics

AE 384 Reflections on the Environment: Focus on Latin America and the Caribbean

Art History

AH 242 Arts of Spain and its World


BI 79 Latin American Ecosystems
BI 318 Vertebrate Zoology with Laboratory
BI 383 Coral Reef Ecology Seminar

Business, Dolan School

IS 350 International Information Systems


EC 120 Environmental Economics
EC 230 Comparative Economic Systems
EC 235 Economic Development of Third World Nations


EN 114/ FR 295 Caribbean Literature
EN 123 Colonial Contacts & Flights
EN 282 Introduction to Latin@ Literature
EN 375 Caribbean Women Writers


HI 277 Mexico: Cortés to NAFTA
HI 287 A Green History of Latin America
HI 288 Colonial Latin America, 1492 to 1810
HI 289 Modern Latin America
HI 291 Africans in the Americas, 1500 to 1800

International Studies

IL 295 Seminar in International Studies

Latin American and Caribbean Studies

LAC 300 Justice and the Developing World
LAC 301 Latin America and the United States
LAC 302 The Human Condition in Latin America
LAC 373 Internship in Latin America and the Caribbean
LAC 399 Independent Study


MU 122 World Music and Ensemble

Nursing, School of

NS 330 Public Health Nursing


PO 142 Latin American Politics
PO 143 Caribbean Politics

Religious Studies

RS 235 Liberation Theology

Sociology and Anthropology

SO 185 Introduction to International Migration
SO 188 Contemporary Latin American and Caribbean Society
SO 191 Social Change in Developing Nations

Spanish (Only one from courses below)

SP 253 Spanish American Civilization
SP 271 Hispanic Film
SP 303 From Empire to Modernization in Spanish Literature
SP 305 Popular Culture in Latin America
SP 353 Spanish American Narrative
SP 359 Culture, Civilization, and Literature in the Spanish-American Caribbean Region
SP 360 Dictatorship and Revolutionary Movements in Contemporary Latin America
SP 363 Literature and Culture of the Hispanic Caribbean Migration and Diaspora
SP 371 Images of Latin American Indians

Note that some of the courses listed above are instructor dependent, in that not all sections of a particular course may be suitable for LACS program credit.