Modern Languages and Literatures - Course of Study

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AR 110-111 Elementary Modern Standard Arabic
AR 210-211 Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic 
AR 215 Intermediate Intensive Modern Standard Arabic 
AR 220 Advanced Modern Standard Arabic I


CI 110-111 Elementary Chinese
CI 210-211 Intermediate Chinese 
CI 220 Advanced Chinese 
CI 250/EN 118 Modern China through Fiction and Film
CI 251 New Chinese Cinema
CI 252/EN 119 The City and Modern China


FR 110-111 Elementary French
FR 210-211 Intermediate French 
FR 221 Grammar and Composition 
FR 222 French Conversation and Phonetics 
FR 251-252 Culture and Civilization of France and the Francophone World 
FR 260 Introduction to Francophone Sub-Saharan African Culture
FR 265 French Translation Workshop 
FR 267 French Commercial Culture 
FR 271 Contemporary French Press and Media 
FR 295/EN 114 Caribbean Literature: History, Culture, and Identity 
FR 301-302 Survey of Literature in French 
FR 305 French and Francophone Women Writers 
FR 321 18th-Century Literature 
FR 337 Novels of the 19th Century 
FR 346 Modern French Theatre 
FR 347 Modern French Novel 
FR 366-367 Film and Literature in French 
FR 377-378 Internship 
FR 381-382 Coordinating Seminar


GM 110-111 Elementary German
GM 210-211 Intermediate German
GM 221 Stylistics and Composition 
GM 222 German Conversation 
GM 251-252 German Culture and Civilization 
GM 261-262 Survey of German Literature 
GM 271 18th-Century German Literature 
GM 281 19th-Century German Literature 
GM 291 Modern German Literature 
GM 377-378 Internship 
GM 381-382 Coordinating Seminar


HE 110-111 Elementary Hebrew
HE 210-211 Intermediate Hebrew


IT 110-111 Elementary Italian
IT 210-211 Intermediate Italian
IT 223 Italian Composition and Oral Expression 
IT 233 Creative Writing 
IT 253 Contemporary Italian Culture 
IT 255 The Novella 
IT 262/EN 116 Rome in the Cultural Imagination 
IT 271/FM 103 Italian Cinema 
IT 289/EN 115 Dante 
IT 330 Redefining the Cosmos: Voyages to the New World in the Italian Renaissance 
IT 381-382 Coordinating Seminar/ Independent Study 
IT 393 The Italian-American Experience


JA 110-111 Elementary Japanese
JA 210-211 Intermediate Japanese 


PG 110-111 Elementary Brazilian Portuguese 
PG 210-211 Intermediate Brazilian Portuguese


RU 110-111 Elementary Russian
RU 210-211 Intermediate Russian


SP 110-111 Elementary Spanish
SP 115 Elementary Intensive Spanish
SP 208 Intermediate Spanish for Health Professionals
SP 210-211 Intermediate Spanish
SP 215 Intermediate Intensive Spanish 
SP 221 Spanish Composition 
SP 222 Spanish Conversation 
SP 231 Career-Oriented Spanish 
SP 245 Analysis and Interpretation of Hispanic Literature 
SP 251 Spanish Civilization and Culture 
SP 253 Spanish-American Civilization 
SP 271 Hispanic Film 
SP 285 Introduction to Spanish Linguistics 
SP 301 Love, Life, and Death in Spanish Literature 
SP 303 From Empire to Modernization in Spanish American Literature 
SP 305 Popular Culture in Latin America 
SP 311 Glory, Splendor, and Decay: Spanish Golden Age Literature 
SP 331 Love and Deception in 19th-Century Spanish Literature 
SP 341 20th-Century Spanish Literature 
SP 346 Memory, Amnesia and Engagement in Contemporary Spanish Theater
SP 353 Spanish-American Narrative 
SP 355 Short Prose Fiction of Spain 
SP 357 The Spanish Novel 
SP 359 Culture, Civilization, and Literature in the Spanish-American Caribbean Region
SP 360 Dictatorships and Revolutionary Movements in Contemporary Latin America
SP 363 Literature and Culture of the Hispanic Caribbean Migration and Diaspora
SP 371 Images of Latin American Indians 
SP 377-378 Internship 
SP 381 Coordinating Seminar: Exit Research Study
SP 382 Coordinating Seminar/Independent Study