Peace and Justice Studies - Requirements

For a 15-credit minor in peace and justice studies, students complete:

  • PO 115 Introduction to the Study of Peace and Justice
  • 3 electives from the University curriculum chosen in consultation with the director of the minor
  • PJ 398 Capstone Research Seminar

Students pursuing a peace and justice studies minor may also elect PJ 298 Internship in Advocacy and Community Organizing. This internship provides students in the minor with the opportunity to understand, through direct participation, how citizens organize to empower their communities and promote policies that will benefit them. Interns are often placed with community organizations in the greater Bridgeport area and some placements include advocacy work in the state legislature in Hartford. The internship is currently an elective and not required of students in the minor.

The introductory course, PO 115, and the concluding seminar, PJ 398, are required for the minor. Students select three electives, with approval of the director, from courses in the University curriculum relevant to the study of peace and justice.

Below are examples of courses that fulfill the elective requirement. This list is suggestive only. Numerous other courses may also serve as electives; consult with the director for additional information.

AE 276 Ethical Dimensions of Global Business Practices
AE 283 Environmental Justice
AE 284 Environmental Ethics
AE 297 Eco-feminism
EN 113 Literature of the Holocaust
EN 114 Caribbean Literature: History, Culture, and Identity
EN 262 The Harlem Renaissance
HI 257 Who Built America? Working People in American History
HI 274 Historical Perspectives on Contemporary Global Crises
IL 51 Challenges of Global Politics
PH 266 The Concept of Human Rights
PH 288 Social and Political Philosophy
PO 116 Utopian Politics
PO 147 Northern Ireland: The Politics of War and Peace
PO 153 The Politics of Race, Class and Gender
RS 235 Liberation Theology
RS 282 Catholic Social Teaching
SO 161 American Class Structure
SO 162 Race, Gender and Ethnic Relations
SO 179 Death Penalty in America
SO 181 AIDS in the United States