Philosophy is a quest for truth. At Fairfield, the Philosophy Department educates its students to understand the fullness and variety of philosophical study. The program is offered as both a major and minor. Throughout, students acquire an understanding of philosophical topics through the study of great modern thinkers as well as classical scholars.

Developed in small classes and directed by a committed faculty, students gain a broad perspective of the three major currents of philosophy: analytical, speculative and traditional, and existentialism and phenomenology. These perspectives help students develop a broad outlook, and discover their own values and intellectual standards. The program is designed to cultivate the confidence and skill of its students while broadening their critical and logical thinking ability.

You are encouraged to work independently, publish your own thoughts - including in the Fairfield Philosophy Journal - on philosophical issues, and critically evaluate your own experiences.

Fairfield’s location gives you access to stimulating on-and-off campus lectures and seminars across the East Coast. These experiences, combined with the curriculum, lead to a discovery of fundamental values while preparing you for a career in a wide range of fields.