Physics - Course of Study

See Physics course descriptions from our catalog for more information (Adobe PDF required).

PS 15 General Physics I 
PS 15L Lab for General Physics I 
PS 16 General Physics II 
PS 16L General Physics II Lab 
PS 65 Introduction to Computational Methods in Physics and the Sciences 
PS 71 Physics of Light and Color 
PS 75 Physics of the Human Body 
PS 76 Physics of Sound and Music 
PS 77 The Science and Technology of War and Peace - The Way Things Work 
PS 78 The Nature of the Universe 
PS 87 Fundamentals of Astronomy 
PS 89 Physics of Sport 
PS 93 Energy and Environment 
PS 203 Optics and Lasers Lab 
PS 204 Modern Experimental Methods Lab 
PS 206 Modern Optics Lab 
PS 211 Digital Electronics and Microprocessors 
PS 211L Laboratory for Digital Electronics and Microprocessors 
PS 212 Circuit Analysis and Analog Systems 
PS 212L Laboratory for Circuit Analysis and Analog Systems 
PS 215 Computational Physics
PS 220 Pollution in the Environment 
PS 222 Modern Optics 
PS 226 Classical Mechanics 
PS 241 Thermal and Statistical Physics 
PS 271 Electricity and Magnetism I 
PS 285 Modern Physics 
PS 371 Electricity and Magnetism II 
PS 386 Quantum Mechanics 
PS 388 Elementary Particles and Nuclear Physics 
PS 390 Special Topics 
PS 391-392 Theoretical/Experimental Independent Study 
PS 399 Independent Study