Psychology - Course of Study

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PY 101 General Psychology
PY 111 Developmental Psychology for Non-Majors
PY 121 Fundamentals of Social Psychology 
PY 122 Psychology and the Law
PY 124 Introduction to Industrial/Organizational Psychology
PY 131 Abnormal Psychology for Non-Majors
PY 201 Statistics for the Life Sciences
PY 202 Research Methods in Psychology 
PY 211 Developmental Psychology for Majors
PY 212 Developmental Psychology for Majors with Lab
PY 221 Social Psychology 
PY 231 Abnormal Psychology for Majors
PY 232 Theories of Personality
PY 234 Theories in Psychotherapy
PY 236 Human Neuropsychology
PY 238 Tests and Measurements
PY 251 Cognitive Psychology
PY 252 Learning and Applied Behavior Analysis (L&ABA) 
PY 261 Biological Bases of Behavior
PY 262 Sensation and Perception
PY 272 Hormones and Behavior
PY 274 Drugs and Behavior

PY 281 Special Topics in Psychology
PY 291 Internship in the Teaching of Psychology
PY 295 Supervised Research
PY 301 Modern Psychology: History and Current Issues Senior Seminar

PY 321 Social Psychology of Human Potential Senior Seminar

PY 322 Health Psychology Senior Seminar
PY 331 Abnormal Child Psychology Senior Seminar
PY 351 False Memories Senior Seminar

PY 361 Current Issues in Behavioral Neuroscience Senior Seminar
PY 365 Neuroanatomy and Behavior
PY 381 Special Topics in Psychology: Senior Seminar
PY 391-392 Internship in Applied Psychology
PY 395 Independent Research
PY 420 Introduction to Industrial/Organizational Psychology

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