Psychology - Course of Study

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PY 101 General Psychology 
PY 132 Introduction to Industrial/Organizational Psychology 
PY 138 Psychology and the Law 
PY 148 Fundamentals of Social Psychology 
PY 151 Abnormal Psychology for Non-Majors 
PY 162 Psychology of Death and Dying 
PY 163 Developmental Psychology for Non-Majors 
PY 186 Group Dynamics 
PY 187 Applications of Industrial/Organizational Psychology 
PY 203 Statistics for the Life Sciences 
PY 209 Research Methods in Psychology 
PY 248 Social Psychology 
PY 250 Sensation and Perception 
PY 251 Abnormal Psychology for Majors 
PY 252 Tests and Measurements 
PY 261 Biological Bases of Behavior 
PY 263 Developmental Psychology for Majors 
PY 264 Developmental Psychology for Majors with Lab 
PY 265 Conditioning, Learning, and Applied Behavior Analysis (CL&ABA) 
PY 271 Psychobiology Laboratory 
PY 272 Hormones and Behavior 
PY 284 Theories of Personality 
PY 285 Cognitive Psychology 
PY 290 Drugs and Behavior 
PY 291 Cognition, Culture, Race, and Identity 
PY 293 Human Neuropsychology
PY 294-295 Internship in Applied Psychology 
PY 296-297 Internship in the Teaching of Psychology 
PY 298 Supervised Research 
PY 299 Theories in Psychotherapy 
PY 300 Modern Psychology Senior Seminar: History and Current Issues 
PY 350 Seminar in Psychology of Race and Ethnicity 
PY 364 Abnormal Child Psychology Senior Seminar 
PY 385 False Memories Senior Seminar
PY 394 Seminar in Health Psychology 
PY 395 Senior Seminar on Aging
PY 396 Special Topics in Psychology
PY 398 Independent Research