Sociology & Anthropology - Course of Study

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AY 10 Introduction to Four-Field Anthropology
AY 52/IL 52 Culture and Political Economy
AY 110 Biological Anthropology
AY 111 Cultural Anthropology
AY 130 Cultures of Africa 
AY 140 Anthropology of Latin America and the Caribbean
AY 152 Islamic Societies and Cultures 
AY 163 Culture and Inequality
AY 168 Women and Men: The Anthropology of Gender
AY 175 Sustainable Development: Anthropological Perspectives
AY 180 Grant Writing for the Social Sciences
AY 189 Theories and Practice in Anthropology
AY 190 North African Society and Cultures
AY 199/PH 265 Philosophy and Economic Anthropology 
AY 200 Anthropological Research Methods
AY 399 Independent Studies in Anthropology
SO 11 Introduction to Sociology
SO 112 American Society
SO 142 Sociology of the Family
SO 144 Sociology of Sexuality
SO 151 Sociology of Religion
SO 161 American Class Structure
SO 162 Race, Gender, and Ethnic Relations
SO 163 Urban/Suburban Sociology
SO 165 Race, Cities and Poverty
SO 166 Feminism, Gender, and Everyday Life
SO 169 Women: Work and Sport
SO 171 Criminology
SO 175 Sociology of Law
SO 179 Death Penalty in America
SO 181 AIDS in the United States
SO 184 Population: Birth, Death, and Migration
SO 185 Introduction to International Migration
SO 188 Contemporary Latin American and Caribbean Society
SO 189 Sociology of Europe
SO 190 Globalization
SO 191 Social Change in Developing Nations
SO 192 Social Work: An Introduction
SO 193 Social Work: The History of Social Welfare and Social Work
SO 194 Sociology of Education
SO 221 Statistics: Social and Political Data Analysis
SO 222 Methods of Research Design
SO 228 Classical Social Theory
SO 229 Contemporary Social Theory
SO 279 Criminal Justice System Seminar
SO 397-398 Field Work Placement
SO 399 Independent Research