Theatre - Course of Study

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A = Applied Theatre
H = Theatre History

TA 11 Introduction to Theatre (H)
TA 30 Acting I (A)
TA 50 Backstage Fundamentals (A)
TA 93 Physical Performance Lab (A)
TA 94 Theatre Fairfield Performance Practicum (A)
TA 95 Theatre Fairfield Production Practicum (A)
TA 110 World Theatre, Beginnings to 1800 (H)
TA 111 World Theatre, 1800 to Tomorrow (H)
TA 120/EN 125 American Drama (H)
TA 122 Asian Theatre (H)
TA 123/EN 120 American Women Playwrights (H)
TA 135 Modern and Contemporary Dance (A)
TA 136 Introduction to Jazz Dance (A)
TA 137 Dance in Musical Theatre (A)
TA 138 Folk and Social Dance (A)
TA 153 Makeup and Costume Construction (A)
TA 155 Design I (A)
TA 158 Scene Painting (A)
TA 210 Theatre in Production (A or H depending on semester offered)
TA 230 Acting II (A)
TA 231/FM 133 Acting for the Camera (A)
TA 240 Technique and Art in Directing (A)
TA 241 Examining the Sixties: History, Art, and Legacy (H)
TA 250 Advanced Stagecraft (A)
TA 255 Advanced Design (A)
TA 300 Special Topics (H)(A)
TA 306 Arts Administration Principles and Practices
TA 310 Technique and Theory of Production (H)
TA 395 Theatre Internship (A)
TA 399 Independent Study (H)(A)