Message from the Chair

Dear Colleagues and Friends of the School of Nursing:

I had the honor and privilege of delivering the Commencement address to the School of Nursing last May. I spoke about my personal and professional experiences with the concept of change:

All around us, things are changing and we always seem to be surprised when it occurs. Sometimes change is caused by us and, at other times, it can be totally independent and unexpected; it can be wonderful or it can be devastating. The most important lesson I have learned throughout the 35 years of my nursing career, as in life, is that how one deals with change can make all the difference between success and failure, happiness and sadness, exuberance and desperation. The sooner you learn to operate within the new environment, the better off you will be.

As a young nurse professional in my early twenties, I was unsure of my abilities and terrified that I would be placed in a setting that would catch me off guard. I soon learned that those ‘off guard’ moments are actually the stepping stones to growth and the development of confidence. It wasn’t until much later on in life that I learned to embrace change, to learn from my mistakes, to seek out a mentor, and to always keep learning.

The School of Nursing graduates are an incredible group of professionals—they are inquisitive, passionate, energetic, and eager to learn. They are well prepared to enter the workplace and seem to thrive on the challenges that are sent their way. It never ceases to amaze me how talented and devoted they are to their profession and it brings me joy and tremendous satisfaction to see the outstanding caliber of nursing graduates Fairfield University produces. They will enter the workforce in our communities and will be our future leaders in healthcare.

The graduates of the School of Nursing are primed for the changes that are occurring in our healthcare system. I have no doubt that, whatever comes their way professionally, they will redirect their energies to tackle even the most difficult circumstances. The nursing faculty and members of the Nursing Advisory Board are continuously seeking opportunities for improvement and advancement. Under the leadership of Dean Meredith Kazer, Fairfield University’s School of Nursing is positioned to make significant contributions to the field of nursing and to seek out opportunities for improvement in healthcare delivery.

Change is in the air—and that can be a very good thing, indeed.

Robin Kanarek’96

Chair, Nursing Advisory Board





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