Meet the Staff

The staff and caregivers at the ELC are selected because they view early childhood care and education as a professional career. Staff members are required to enroll in early childhood education programs to further their early childhood education degrees. Staff members are also required to obtain their Child Development Associate Credential (CDA), as well as to continue taking formal coursework toward a degree in early childhood education. Staff members attend professional development workshops, conferences, and seminars to keep them aware of innovation and current information in the field of early childhood education.

Joyce Abate, M.Ed., Executive Director, President Carousel Consulting Services Inc., and Carousel Educational Services, Inc.

Samantha Abate, A.S., B.S., Administrator

Colleen Curtin, A.A, BA, Program Director

Ingrid Norfleet, A.A., Early Childhood, Educational Program Director

Ryan Colwell, Ph.D., Early Childhood Education Liaison, Graduate School of Education and Allied Professions

The faculty liaison will be the central contact between the ELC and the Academic Division of Fairfield University for academic purposes (eg. facilitating educational opportunities for Fairfield University students and faculty).