Applied Psychology

A Greater Calling Deserves a Greater Education

The Master of Arts in Applied Psychology offers a solid education in the theories, philosophies, and practices of this dynamic and growing field through three distinct programs of study. A dedicated faculty from each program challenges you intellectually, while giving individual guidance, providing you a strong foundation on which to build a successful career, no matter which field you pursue.

Industrial/Organizational Psychology - designed to educate students to apply psychological principles and techniques in the work environment, to increase individual and organizational productivity. For candidates in the industrial/organizational (I/O) program, Fairfield's Northeast location in a region with many non-profit and for-profit corporate organizations provides a wide range of opportunities for fieldwork, such as employee recruitment and selection, performance management/appraisal, training and development, motivations and job satisfaction, organization development, job analysis, and research and program evaluation.

  • Fairfield offers a five year BA/MA program in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Interested students should apply by the summer before their senior year to be sure they've met the prerequisites. For more information, contact Dr. Paul Maloney, I/O program director.

Foundations of Advanced Psychology - designed to provide students with foundational knowledge of psychology, while educating them in basic research and program evaluation skills. Students who pursue this program do so to prepare themselves for advanced study in psychology or other fields, to satisfy their curiosity about psychology, or to enhance their endeavors in their current work.

Human Services - designed for those who already are working in a human services setting, and are interested in learning more about psychology to enhance their understanding of those with whom they work. (Admissions to the Human Services program are suspended for the 2014/2015 academic year.)

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