Marriage and Family Therapy

Course Offerings

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Theoretical Foundations (6 credits)

FT 550 Introduction to Marriage and Family Therapy
FT 555 Foundations of Marital and Family Therapy

Clinical Practice (27 credits)

FT 525 Divorce, Single-Parenting, and Remarriage
FT 552 Intervention in Structural and Strategic Family Therapy
FT 553 Family Therapy Pre-Practicum
FT 561 Advanced Interventions in Family Therapy
FT 567 Couples Therapy
FT 569 Assessment Techniques in Marriage and Family Therapy
FT 433 Multicultural Issues in Counseling
FT 562 Human Sexuality and Sexual Dysfunction
FT 465 Introduction to Substance Abuse and Addictions

Individual Development and Family Relations (3 credits)

FT 447 Lifespan Human Development

Professional Identity and Ethics (3 credits)

FT 565 Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues in Family Therapy

Research (3 credits)

FT 556 Research in Marriage and Family Therapy

Supervised Clinical Practice (12 credits)

(courses must be taken in sequence and without interruption)

FT 559 Practicum in Family Therapy I
FT 560 Practicum in Family Therapy II
FT 580 Internship in Family Therapy I
FT 581 Internship in Family Therapy II

Additional Learning

(can include the following to complete the 57-credit requirement if waivers are accepted)

FT 450 Techniques of Narrative & Solution Focused Therapies
CN 466 Spirituality and Counseling
SE 441 Parents and Families of Individuals with Disabilities
FT 568 Special Topics in Family Therapy

FT 99 Comprehensive examination in Marriage and Family Therapy (0 credits)

Area of Specialization in School-based Marriage and Family Therapy

Required Courses

ED 442 Educational Psychology
ED/PY 534 Theories of Learning
FT 447 Lifespan Human Development
FT 555 Foundations of Marriage and Family Therapy
SE 405 Exceptional Learners in the Mainstream
SE/SL 419 Special Learners in the Bilingual/ESL Classroom or SL 477 Culture and Second Language Acquisition
FT 570 School-based Practicum in Marriage and Family Therapy

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