Classrooms and Labs in the School of Engineering

The School of Engineering has moved into the University's Rudolph F. Bannow Science Center. All classes are currently taking place in Bannow, and faculty offices, administrative offices and most lab facilities have been completed.

Mechanical Engineering  (BNW 128)
Robotics/ Voice and Image processing (MCA203)
Advanced Electrical & Electronics/ Networks, Microelectronics (MCA112-113)
Engineering Machine Laboratory, Additive Mfg. Rapid Prototyping  (BNW 136)
Engineering Applications/Computer Science/Software Design (BNW 166)
Automation Systems and Automated Manufacturing (MCA101)
Power and Power Electronics, Electric Circuits and Design  (BNW133)

All the labs have been serving as multi-tasking areas and contain state-of-the-art computer hardware, integrated into the Fairfield University Network.  The new Machine Laboratory in BNW136 contains up-to-date numerical milling and tool room lathe machines supported by the Brinkman Family Foundation.