M.S. in Management of Technology - Course Offerings

See Electrical & Computer Engineering course descriptions for more information.

Required Courses (24 credits)

DM 460 Project Management
GK 425 Information Systems
MG 508 Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation
AC 500 Accounting for Decision Making
MG 584 Global Competitive Strategy OR
RD 500 Introduction to Systems Engineering
RD 460 Leadership in Technological Enterprise
CP 551 Capstone I: Project Definition and Planning
CP 552 Capstone II: Project Execution and Results

Concentration Courses

In addition to the eight (8) required courses, students must complete four (4) electives. It is recommended, but not required, that MSMOT students elect one of four concentrations: Management of Design and Manufacturing, Strategic Management of Resources, Management of Information Technology, or Systems Engineering Concepts and Methods. Examples of courses in the concentration areas are shown below:

Management of Design and Manufacturing

DM 405 Supply Chain Design
DM 407 Design of Manufacturing Systems and Processes
DM 420 Design for Economy and Reliability
DM 430 Management of Design for Automation

Management of Resources

MG 584 Global Competitive Strategy
RD 450 Management of Risk in Research and Development
RD 485 Management of Intellectual Property

Management of Information Technology

SW 502 Software Engineering Practices
SW 402 Database Concepts and Applications
SW 508 Data Warehouse Systems
SW 400 Software Engineering Methods
SW 518 Data Mining and Business Intelligence

Systems Engineering Concepts and Methods

RD 500 Introduction to Systems Engineering
RD 525 Principles of Quality Management

Other Elective Courses

MSMOT students may also select any of the courses listed below, or graduate courses offered through the School of Engineering (mechanical engineering, software engineering, and electrical and computer engineering) or in the School of Business. Consult the MOT program director to discuss your specific needs.

MG 500 Managing people for Competitive Advantage
MG 503 Legal and Ethical Environments of Business
MK 400 Marketing Management
OM 400 Integrated Business Processes