M.S. in Software Engineering - Course Offerings

See Software Engineering course descriptions for more information.

Required Courses (21 credits)

The software engineering required courses cover the software development life cycle of requirements: gathering of requirements, and analysis, design, prototyping, implementation, testing, deployment, and maintenance. The required courses are:

SW 400 Software Engineering Methods
SW 401 Software Design Methods
SW 409 Advanced Programming in Java 
SW 420 Software Testing and Maintenance|
SW 421 Software Project Management

Two options for a two-semester long required course sequence as described below:

Capstone Project Option, SW 550, SW 551 (6 credits)
Thesis Option, SW 560, SW 561 (6 credits)

Specialization/Concentration Courses (9 credits)

A. Computer Programming

Courses in this area are:

SW 427 Operating Systems and Programming
SW 499 Algorithms
ECE 460 Network Programming

B. Web Technology

Courses in this area are:

SW 406 Web Client-Side Development I
SW 410 Enterprise Java or SW 512 Web Development II with ASP.NET or SW 516 PHP/MySQL
SW 530 Introduction to Information Security or SW 531 Applications and Data Security or SW 416 Mobile App Development

C. Database Architecture

Courses in this area are:

SW 505 Advanced Database Concepts
SW 508 Data Warehousing Systems
SW 518 Data Mining and Business Intelligence

D. Computer Networking

Courses in this area are:

SW 404 Network Concepts
SW 596 Network Routing and Switching
SW 448 Server Management or SW 530 Introduction to Information Security or SW 531 Applications and Data Security or SW 599 Information Security Measures and Countermeasures

E. Health Informatics

Courses in this area are:

SW 480 Health Information Systems
SW 481 Human Computer Interface
RD 525 Principles of Quality Management

Note: The sequence of courses SW 404 and SW 596 provides students with course materials needed to prepare for and take the well-respected Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA) examination. These students are provided with the opportunity for a voucher to cover the cost of that certification test.

Elective Courses - 6 credits

Electives may be chosen from courses listed under Software Engineering Graduate Certificate Programs, as well as SW 482 Special Topics, and SW483 Independent Study, or any other Engineering Master level course, under advisement of department chair or academic advisor.

The Capstone Project

The MSSE program culminates with a professional- equivalent capstone project, in which students execute a technical study or design and implement an IT system. Capstone projects are compiled in a journal, Technology in Action, which can be sent upon request. Examples of recent projects include:

  • Informatics - User-friendly website providing information on Nursing Informatics
  • KTSS - Conversion and upgrade of manufacturing system to provide real-time manufacturing information
  • CPBM - Conversion of a static website to a dynamic, database-driven website
  • Anthromax - Career Improvement Group Extended
  • Network for professionals in transition, or looking to network within their profession

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