School of Engineering

Five-Year BS/MS Program in Software Engineering

A 5-year program is offered at Fairfield's School of Engineering, in the discipline of Software engineering leading to a combined Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees. This program embraces the educational objectives of the traditional undergraduate program, as well as those of the graduate program. It emphasizes experiential learning in terms of summer industrial internships following the sophomore year, and a final capstone project that guides students through a process of design and innovation at the level of a professional engineer. Graduates of the program master the knowledge and tools they need to create the next generation of software solutions to ever more complex technological and societal problems.

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Changing from Undergraduate to Graduate Status

Students may request a change of status from the undergraduate to the undergraduate/graduate combined plan of study at any point after the following conditions are met:

  • Completed 98 credits towards the BS in Software Engineering.
  • Completed all required Junior-level (300-level) mathematics and SE courses specified in the undergraduate catalog.
  • Have successfully completed 6 courses in Software Engineering or Computer Science with a GPA of 3.2, and are enrolled in at least one graduate course in Software Engineering at the time the change is requested.
  • Have an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Students are also required to submit two letters of recommendation, one of which must be from their faculty advisor.

Dual Degree Curriculum (156 credits)

Year 1 - Fall Semester Credits
MA 125 Calculus I 3
PS 15 General Physics I 3
PS 15L General Physics I Lab 1
EG 31 Fundamentals of Engineering I 3
CS 131 Computer Programming I 3
EN 11 Composition and Prose Literature 3
Total 16
Year 1 - Spring Semester  
MA 126 Calculus II 3
PS 16 General Physics II 3
PS 16L General Physics II Lab 1
EG 32 Fundamentals of Engineering II 3
CS 132 Computer Programming II 3
EN 12 Introduction to Literature 3
Total 16
Year 2 - Fall Semester  
MA 227 Calculus III 3
MA 231 Discrete Mathematics 3
CS 232 Data Structures 3
EC 11 Intro to Microeconomics 3
RS 10 Intro to Religious Studies 3
Total 15
Year 2 - Spring Semester  
SC EL1 Mathematics or basic science elective 4
MA 321 Differential Equations 3
HI 30 Europe and the World in Transition 3
PH 10 Introduction to Philosophy 3
CR 245 Digital Design I 3
CR 245L Digital Design I Lab 1
Total 16
Year 3 - Fall Semester  
MA 351 Probability and Statistics I 3
SW 355 Database Management Systems 3
CS 331 Operating Systems 3
EN EL English Elective 3
SW 201 Software Design I 3
HI EL History Elective 3
Total 18
Year 3 - Spring Semester  
SW 202 Software Design II 3
SW EL1 Major Elective 3
GE EL1 General Elective 3
RS EL Religious Studies Elective 3
SS EL Social Science Elective 3
AE EL Applied Ethics Elective 3
Total 18
Year 4 - Fall Semester  
CR 320 Computer Networks 3
SW EL2 UG Major Elective 3
SW EL3 UG Major Elective 3
SW ELG1 Graduate Major Elective 3
AH 10 Origins and Trans of Western Art 3
Total 15
Year 4 - Spring Semester  
SW 304 Web Development 3
SW EL4 UG Major Elective 3
SW ELG2 Graduate Major Elective 3
GEL2 General Elective 3
VPEL Visual or Performing Arts Elective 3
PHEL Philosophy Elective 3
Total 18
Year 5 - Fall Semester  
SW ELG3 Graduate Major Elective 3
SW ELG4 Graduate Major Elective 3
SW ELG5 Graduate Major Elective 3
SW 550 Capstone I 3
Total 12
Year 5 - Spring Semester  
SW ELG6 Graduate Major Elective 3
SW ELG7 Graduate Major Elective 3
SW ELG8 Graduate Major Elective 3
SW 551 Capstone II 3
Total 12