School of Engineering

3/2 BA/BS Engineering Program

In cooperation with Columbia University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, the University of Connecticut, and Stevens Institute of Technology, Fairfield University offers the opportunity for students to enhance their education and professional preparation. Through our 3-2 engineering program, students are able to double major, earning a Bachelor of Arts from Fairfield University and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the partner institution where the student completes their engineering curriculum.

As a student in this program, you will complete a three-year course of study at Fairfield University, focusing on the core subjects of science, mathematics, the liberal arts, and basic engineering, before transferring to the school of your choice, where you will complete your engineering studies in two additional years. The three-year Fairfield University program includes:

Year 1 -Fall SemesterCredits
MA 125 Calculus I 3
PS 15 General Physics I 3
PS 15L General Physics I Lab 1
EG 31 Fundamentals of Engineering I 3
PH 10 Introduction to Philosophy 3
EN 11 Composition and Prose Literature 3
Total   16


Year 1 -Spring SemesterCredits
MA 126 Calculus II 3
PS 16 General Physics II 3
PS 16L General Physics II Lab 1
EG 32 Fundamentals of Engineering II 3
RS 10 Introduction to Religious Studies 3
EN 12 Introduction to Literature 3
Total   16


Year 2 -Fall SemesterCredits
MA 227 Calculus III 3
ME 201 Engineering Statics 3
ME 206L Mechanics Lab 1
CS 131 Computer Programming I 3
EE 213 Introduction to Electric Circuits 3
EE 213L Electric Circuits Lab 1
RS Religious Studies Elective 3
Total   17


Year 2 -Spring SemesterCredits
MA 228 Calculus IV 3
CD 211 Engineering Graphics I 3
CH 11 Inorganic Chemistry 3
CH 11L Inorganic Chemistry Lab 1
HI 30 Europe & World in Transition 3
ENEL English Elective 3
Total   16


Year 3 -Fall SemesterCredits
MA 321 Ordinary Differential Equations 3
EC11 Microeconomics 3
SCEL Science Elective 3
HI History Elective 3
GEEL General Elective 3
Total   15


Year 3 -Spring SemesterCredits
EL Engineering Elective 3
AE Applied Ethics Elective 3
EL Social Science Elective 3
AH 10 Origins and Transformations in Western Art 3
EL General Elective 3
PH Philosophy Elective 3
Total   18


Special Requirements:

  • MA 311 Partial Differential Equations is strongly recommended for students in the 3/2 Program.
  • Students who intend to major in electrical or computer engineering must take a C++ or Java programming course and CR 245/EE 245 Digital Electronics Design I.
  • Students who intend to major in chemical engineering must take CH 12 and CH 12L Organic Chemistry and Organic Chemistry Lab.
  • Columbia University requires one semester of economics.
  • The University of Connecticut has a foreign language requirement that may be fulfilled at Fairfield or on the UConn campus.

Students who intend to transfer to Columbia, RPI, or Stevens must also take thermodynamics (ME 241/ PS 241) and, if possible, PS 285 Modern Physics.