Matriculation Policies

Undergraduate Students
Second Degree and RN/BSN Students

Upon satisfactory completion of 12 credits at Fairfield University, students are required to matriculate in order to continue in the nursing curriculum. Students are expected to complete the application process, including submission of all official transcripts and immunization documentation to the School of Nursing. Application materials can be obtained from the School of Nursing office.

Core Requirements
Adult learners must meet the University's core course requirement. Course requirements in the liberal arts and required supportive courses can be met by challenge examinations, transfer credits from other academic institutions, or enrollment in specific courses. Courses are accepted in transfer from other accredited colleges and universities on the basis of a satisfactory academic record and course equivalency.

Residency Requirement
A minimum of 60 credits must be completed at Fairfield University. In addition, the last 30 credits for the degree must be taken at Fairfield University.

Credit from International Programs
Students completing coursework outside the United States must submit certified English transcripts and course-by-course evaluation of all academic records. Information may be obtained from World Education Services (800-937-3895 or e-mail).

Policy Regarding Transfer Credits
In accordance with Fairfield University policy regarding transfer credits, students in the School of Nursing may transfer credits from another University under the following conditions:

  • No courses with grades less than "C" will qualify for transfer.
  • Credit will be granted only for specific work completed at institutions whose quality has been approved by the University
  • Only credit hours, not grades, will transfer.
  • Any course taken at another institution must be pre-approved by the Dean of the student's school.
  • Official transcripts must be forwarded to the Dean upon completion of pre-approved coursework in order for transfer credits to be processed.
  • Once a student is matriculated, permission to take courses elsewhere will be granted only when the student demonstrates compelling reasons to do so.
  • Of the 120 or more credits required for the bachelor's degree, a minimum of 60 of those credits must be earned at Fairfield University.
  • Students are permitted to take no more than two courses at another institution during a summer or winter vacation period.
  • The last 30 credits earned toward a student's degree must be completed at Fairfield University or through a program that issues Fairfield University course credit (e.g., Fairfield's International Education program in Florence, Italy).
  • The "Request Regarding Transfer Courses" must be completed prior to the student enrolling in a course at another institution

Graduate Students

To remain in good academic standing, a student must achieve and maintain a 3.00 cumulative quality point average.  A student whose cumulative quality point average falls below 3.00 in any semester is placed on academic probation for the following semester.  Students on academic probation must meet with their advisors to make program adjustments to their course load. If, at the end of the probationary semester, the student's overall average is again below 3.00, he or she will be dismissed.