Policies and Procedures

sa_brisbane11bWe encourage you to consider the many choices Fairfield offers to spend a semester, a year, a month, or just a week abroad earning academic credit and graining the kind of knowledge only an onsite experience can provide. Fairfield's programs offer exceptional learning opportunities for you beyond the classroom including internships, community volunteer work, academic excursions, service-learning, and events that make your abroad experience enjoyable and meaningful.

Getting Started

Meet with a study abroad advisor. Meetings are by appointment only. Secure your appointment by calling the Office of Study Abroad at (203) 254-4332. The office is located at Dolan House room 214.


An overall GPA of 2.8 is required by Fairfield University to study abroad for all programs including short-term and summer. Individual programs have their own criteria and may require higher GPAs. A student must be in good disciplinary standing with the Dean of Students at the time of application and participation. Students studying in a country whose official language is not English must take one course in the official language of the country to fulfill the study abroad language requirement.  For students with no prior knowledge of the  language,  this requirement may be  satisfied by a language course; for those  with more advanced language skills,  the  study abroad language requirement  may be fulfilled by  a content course  taught in the  official language of the country.

Fairfield University must balance the number of Fairfield students going abroad between the fall and spring semesters. Students will be notified of their approved semester by March 1.                                                            

All students that study abroad for a semester or year are automatically enrolled in medical insurance, including full medical coverage and medical emergency evacuation.  

Tuition, Fees and Financial Aid: 

Fairfield University students who study abroad for a semester or year are charged Undergraduate Fairfield tuition. Where applicable, students will be charged Fairfield housing and Fairfield board rates. Fairfield University scholarships and aid, including Federal Funds, may be used towards your study abroad expenses for one semester. Athletic scholarships, FACHEX, tuition exchange and work-study monies are not eligible. A percentage of Dependent Grant-in-Aid may be used for study abroad tuition. Please contact Human Resources for details. With the approval of the Director of Study Abroad and the relevant department chair, Modern Language, International Business, and International Studies majors may use Fairfield University financial aid for two semesters abroad.                                                                        

The Fairfield University Office of the Bursar will bill all Fairfield students studying abroad prior to the start of each term. The Monthly Tuition Payment Plan is available.                                                                                                                    

Payment for Fairfield University administered summer or short term programs are made directly to the Fairfield Office of Study Abroad.  

International and Domestic Approved Programs

Fairfield University students must select a study abroad program from the list of approved programs. View the complete list of approved programs. The approved list includes over 60 different study abroad programs in five continents. There are options for all majors and minors. The approved list is composed of Fairfield-administered programs, exchange programs, and affiliated programs offered by other universities and study abroad organizations. Selecting from the approved list allows students to:

  • Earn academic credits towards their academic program at Fairfield.
  • Pay standard Fairfield University costs for tuition and, if applicable, room and board.
  • Retain eligibility for TuitionPay payment plans and financial aid.



  • Start now. It's not too early to consider destinations and start planning. Talk with your advisor about study abroad so you can take appropriate courses both here at Fairfield University and your destination.
  • Attend the Study Abroad fair in September and attend different study abroad meetings throughout the semester.


  • Learn about the study abroad process by completing the online advising application
  • Learn about your options and discuss them with your academic advisor, faculty, and family.
  • Meet with a study abroad advisor. The office is located at Dolan House room 214.
  • Submit the Study Abroad application online no later than February 1. Decision letters will be sent March 1 through the online application system. Make sure to include all the information you would like us to know about you within the application materials.


  • Share your experience abroad with other students. You can do this by participating as a student presenter at the Study Abroad Fair, or by including your experience in your academic life.
  • Participate in reentry activities on campus. These programs will help you adjust to life back on campus, and will introduce you to other students who share your experience of returning to campus after study abroad.

If for any reason students must cancel their participation in the program, the following refund policy will apply:

Spring Programs 
After October 1, deposit is non-refundable
After December 1, 50% of program cost is forfeited
7 days or less until start of program: no refund

Fall Programs
After April 1, deposit is non-refundable
After July 1, 50% of program is forfeited.
7 days or less until start of program: no refund
Winter Session Programs
After December 1, 50% of program cost is forfeited
7 days or less until start of program: no refund
Summer Programs
After April 1, 50% of program cost is forfeited
7 days or less until start of program: no refund

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