Important Documents

The links below will guide students to very important forms that may be required in order for the Office of Financial Aid to complete verification (for selected students) and confirm financial aid eligibility.  Please contact the office with questions about how to complete these forms or with questions on any part of the process.

Academic Year 2013-14

Financial Aid Glossary

Dependent Household Verification Worksheet

Independent Household Verification Worksheet

Student Non-Filing Income Statement

Parent Non-Filing Income Statement

Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) Verification Worksheet

Child Support Paid Verification Worksheet

Identity/Statement of Educational Purpose Worksheet (in-person only)

Sibling Enrollment Form
(this form can also be used to verify the student's spouse who may be in college during the same academic year as the student)

Non-Year Specific

Special Conditions Appeal Form
Use this form to notify the Office of Financial Aid of a change in your financial circumstances during an academic year.

Loan Request Form
Use this form to request a new or additional federal loan (Direct or Graduate PLUS).

Financial Aid Registration Authorization Form
Use this form to register without payment when your financial aid award covers all costs.

Verification of Expenses & Income
Use this form to verify data provided on the FAFSA (if requested by the Office of Financial Aid).

Cost of Attendance Appeal Form
Use this form to request an increase to the cost of attendance (COA) of your program in order to borrow additional loans that can assist with expenses related to college expenses.