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Make Your Senior Class Gift

Upcoming Events

1st Coffee Day
Wednesday, October 28
2-5 p.m. Library Lobby

Come and get free coffee, apple cider, and cookies!

Class of 2016 Senior President’s Dinner
Wednesday, November 4
6-8 p.m. Bellarmine Mansion

Eat a delicious dinner with Father von Arx and alumni guests! – Invite Only!

If you are interested in attending an event or finding out more about Stags Give Back and the Senior Class Gift, contact us!

What would your life be like without Fairfield?

Holiday Party '14From new friends, to memorable lectures, to weekend retreats, Fairfield has made an indelible impact on your life. Now, as you become alumni, it's your turn to give back—pay it forward—and ensure a positive impact on future Fairfield students for generations to come. The Senior Class Gift perpetuates this important tradition of giving back.

Your participation counts. Get involved today! To join the Senior Class Gift Committee, please email us at stagsgiveback@gmail.com!

Stags give back mission statement:

The Fairfield University Student Philanthropy & Senior Class Gift Committee (Stags Give Back) is committed to establishing and preserving a philanthropic culture at Fairfield University. We are determined to educate students on the impact and importance of annual giving and emphasizing the tradition of giving back to Fairfield. We implore students and committee members to act as agents of change in their communities by seeking to constantly improve the world, their university and themselves.

senior class gift
The Senior Class Walkway was established by the Class of 2011 to celebrate the tradition of the Senior Class Gift at Fairfield University. Each senior class will add a brick to the walkway commemorating their class and their class gift.

Why I Give: Testimonials

Current students are paying it forward and developing the "habit of philanthropy." Hear it in their own words...

"Fairfield has given us so many memorable nights, why not give one back!"
– Stags Give Back Committee

"Most people don’t know how much they have gained as a result of attending Fairfield University until after they graduate. I feel fortunate to realize this now. I love Fairfield, and I know that Fairfield is so great largely due to the generosity of alumni giving back."
– James Law ’15

"The power of finance, particularly in philanthropic ventures, has the ability to transform and transcend lives, circumstances and paradigms. As a senior and co-president of Stags Give Back, I want to help Fairfield University students recognize the immediate and incredibly powerful impact they can have by giving back to their University."
– Mariano Portocarrero ’15

"As Stags we hear a lot about ‘The Fairfield Experience’ during our time at Fairfield. This may mean something different to each if us—for some it may mean being a student-athlete; for others it could be embracing the Jesuit values and realizing what we are truly passionate about; and for others it might be meeting their best friends and living with them on the beach or on campus. But for each of us it means having experiences and making memories that shape our lives. Fairfield's alumni network plays a huge role in shaping these experiences. They've left us a legacy steeped in tradition and their support guarantees we can continue to take advantage of the many traditions we have at Fairfield and form new traditions."
– Sarah Birney ’15

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