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Competition Can Be Fierce

Just ask any coach or student-athlete and they will tell you that competing at their highest level takes hard work, discipline, and support.

Each day, student-athletes work to achieve greatness through time in the weight room, watching film and pouring over scouting reports, and training on the field, on the court, or in the water.

But hard work and discipline are not always enough. Support from outside the lines is also vital to success for any student-athlete. On campus, coaches, academic advisors, and faculty combine to help them reach their athletic and academic goals.

Even with this support from the campus community, student-athletes still need additional help from friends, alumni, and parents. By making a gift to Friends of Fairfield Athletics, you, too, can play an important role. Your gift will provide enhancements to the general athletic fund or any specific varsity program or club sport you designate.

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Join the Stags this season in exciting MAAC and CAA Conference action! Promotions for fans, families and alumni occur throughout the year for your enjoyment. Visit FairfieldStags.com for information on game day promotions, tickets, group outings and team information. We are all a part of Stag Country, Go Stags!

Make a Difference


Where you compete is a sacred spot—the one place where student-athletes can use their intelligence, tactical skill, and fitness to achieve victory. And every student-athlete wants the best venue possible to showcase their talent.

Modern facilities are essential to keeping a program viable. They affect recruitment of both coaches and student-athletes, and provide a fan and student experience. A facility tells a story about your program. These stories capture the minds and of the young men and women who are considering Fairfield University at their college of choice. When a recruit is deciding which college he or she wishes to attend, facilities rank as one of the top three factors in their decision.

Building and renovating facilities reaffirms Fairfield University’s commitment to its athletic programs in a public setting. By making a gift, you can join the University’s commitment to provide students with the finest facilities in the region.

Endowed Funds

Legacy. A simple word that provides the feeling of immortality, that speaks to the ability to touch the lives of others—not just today, but for years to come. Everyone knows the joy of helping someone. But few know the exhilaration of knowing that their goodwill goes beyond the present and reaches future generations.

Through an endowed fund, Friends of Fairfield Athletics know that they will have an impact today, tomorrow, and for the distant future. Through their generosity, each endowed fund will leave a positive effect on the evolving needs of student athletes and their athletic teams.

Schools with the biggest endowed funds have the advantage because income from investments allow them to field more teams, offer more scholarship dollars, and buy more equipment. The interest accrued from an endowed fund increases over time, which makes their impact grow and provide longevity to sports programs.

And your endowment does not have to stop with you, but can be built upon by members of your family in the future. It’s a chance for you to actively decide where your funds will be allocated.

Popular Endowed Funds

  • Programmatic: Income is designated for the highest priority needs of a specific sport, beginning at $50,000, payable over three to five years
  • Travel: Income supports out-of-region trips and out-of-season competitions.
  • Team/Coach: At their discretion, the head coach allocates to their highest priority—often recruitment.
  • Scholarship: Scholarships sustain individual student-athletes in the named sport.
    • Endowed Athletic Scholarship: Awarded by the Department of Athletics to a student-athlete based on athletic ability, talent and potential.
    • Endowed Scholarship designated to a student-athlete: Awarded by the Office of Financial Aid to a student-athlete based on financial need.
    • Coaching Positions: A donor-named endowed Head or Assistant Coach position ensures the ongoing resources for that position.

Current Use Funds

Those colleges and universities that receive annual Friends dollars are able to compete at a higher level. Enhancements beyond operating budgets are what separate institutions.

This is especially true at the mid-major level, where donor and alumni Friend support impacts the student-athlete experience. Your support also plays a role in what coaches are able to provide and the tools available to recruit student-athletes.

Friends Dollars Can Fund:

  • Travel to out-of-region competition, training trips, and out-of-season competition
  • Additional equipment needs
  • Technology such as cell phones, specialized software, video and editing equipment
  • Team support for out of term meals and medical support
  • Program enhancements for coaches and student-athletes
  • Recruiting costs such as transportation and lodging
  • Events for alumni, friends, players, and parents
  • Team banquets and awards

Become a Friend

How to Become a Friend of Fairfield Athletics

Becoming a Friend of Fairfield Athletics is a simple process that begins with the desire to make a difference. Simply make a donation of any size to a sports program. Your impact begins with a phone call, a quick email, or a click of the mouse.

You have often heard the phrase that “every dollar counts.” That is so true when it comes to college athletics. It doesn’t matter if you know how to throw a curve ball, sink a free throw, or how to handle an oar. All that matters is that you want to help Fairfield University student-athletes become the best they can be through your financial support.

Make your gift online or through the mail today!

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NCAA Donor Rules

The Lyons-Lademan Athletic Fund operates under the auspices of the University's Advancement division. Its mission is to assist the athletic department in providing resources for supplemental expenses while maintaining adherence to NCAA rules and regulations.

Representatives of Fairfield's athletic interests (alumni, athletic donors, friends) are expressly prohibited from any form of contact (in person, written, by phone, by e-mail, on- or off-campus, or other) with a prospective student-athlete or the prospect's relatives or legal guardians. If there are questions about this NCAA policy, please contact the office of athletic compliance at (203) 254-4000, ext. 2879.

Contact Us

For more information about Friends of Fairfield Athletics, or making a gift, please contact:

Development for Athletics & Recreation
Fairfield University
1073 North Benson Road
Fairfield, CT 06824
(203) 254-4000, ext. 2474


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