Tuition and Fee Schedule - Undergraduate

Academic Year: 2015-16

Full-Time Undergraduates (Arts and Sciences, Business, Engineering, Nursing)

Tuition $44,250
Room & Board - Residence Halls 13,520
Room - Townhouses 10,990
Room - Apartment Complex 11,340
General Fee 625
Automobile Registration Fee 120
Science Laboratory Fee (per course) 50
Orientation Fee (Freshmen only) 230
Orientation Fee (Transfers only) 100

Part-time Undergraduates (all schools with part-time programs)

Summer Term & Intersession Terms $725/hr
Tuition (less than twelve credit hours; students admitted as part-time and remain part-time) 725/hr
Tuition (twelve credit hours or more) (Fall & Spring only) 22,125/sem
Tuition (Full-time Undergraduates going to part-time) 1,475/hr
Bachelor of Liberal Studies 725/hr
Automobile Registration Fee (full time only) 120
Matriculation Fee 60

Nursing (Adult & Second Degree)

Adult Nursing, RN-BSN $675/hr
Nursing BS - Second Degree Program 750/hr
Automobile Registration Fee 120
Matriculation Fee 60

All Schools

Application Fee $60
Commencement Fee 150
Registration Fee 30

The Trustees of the University reserve the right to change tuition rates and make additional changes whenever necessary.

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