ITS Collaboration and Governance

Collaboration, teamwork and service are three values ingrained within Fairfield University's Information Technology Services department. Perfecting the Technology Governance Structure is a continuous improvement effort. Current and active involvements:

Information Technology Committee of the Board of Trustees
Scope: Discuss Fairfield University technology vision, strategy and initiatives as well as current trends and process.
Attendees: Board of Trustees committee members, Chief Information Officer, Chair of the Educational Technologies Committee
Frequency: Meets quarterly

Administrative Technologies Committee
Scope: Coordinates projects, upgrades, and enhancements to University systems; recommends institutional policies and procedures; assures training.
Attendees: A diverse, cross-functional group of Fairfield University students, faculty and staff
Frequency: Meets monthly

Educational Technologies Committee (Academic-led)
Scope: To study and make recommendations concerning computer and media facilities and service for academic activity and research.
Attendees: Behavioral and Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Engineering, The Graduate School of Business, Nursing, Two members from two different departments in the Humanities, Directors of the Library (ex officio), Distance Education for University College (ex officio), Academic Computing (ex officio), Media Center (ex officio), Information Technology Services (ex officio)
Frequency: On faculty schedule

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