ITS Strategic Plan

Information Technology Services leads a University-wide effort to sustain a five-year Technology Strategic Plan for Fairfield University. The plan conveys the vision, goals and critical success factors for a broad set of technological areas.

Vision Statement
The Fairfield University Information Technology Services department will be a recognized leader in empowering our users to stimulate the exchange and creation of knowledge via information technology. Information will exist in an integrated environment using collaborative, best-of-breed technology that fosters a unifying culture supporting academic excellence. We envision a future in which Fairfield University's dynamic living and learning communities have limitless access to individualized information, unfettered by reliability issues, distance and choice of device.

Mission Statement
The Fairfield University Information Technology Services department strives to provide our integrative thinkers with competitive, reliable, innovative, and sustainable technology to support teaching, learning, research, collaboration, and service.

Information Technology Services is committed to the values of

  • Reliability/stability;
  • Professionalism, integrity, and respect;
  • Efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Innovation;
  • Excellence; and
  • Collaboration, teamwork, and service.

Goals and Critical Success Factors

I. Access and Technology: Create a sustainable, technology-enriched environment for learning.

Critical Success Factors (measures the degree of success over the next 5 years):

  1. Comprehensively utilize Ellucian Banner, our complete, integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution for students, faculty, and staff.
  2. Continuously improve and support, maintain and utilize the University portal.
  3. Identify smaller, non-integrative technologies, evaluate scalability and sustainability and, if necessary, assist in identifying a more robust, peer-reviewed solution to implement and support.
  4. Assist online learning efforts in any capacity needed to further efforts in utilizing a competitive learning solution for faculty and students.
  5. Create a secure wireless network to serve 100% of campus.
  6. Keep networks' speed, security, and capability contemporary.
  7. Identify web-based tools to provide a competitive advantage for Fairfield University.
  8. Expand the amount of information available online, on-demand to students, faculty, and employees.
  9. Provide and support increasing web services through mobile devices.
  10. Collaborate with peer universities to knowledge-share and encourage regional development efforts.
  11. Make the Internet the basic vehicle of service delivery, and ensure appropriate student services are available through the Internet.

II. Integrated Technology Environment: Deliver information and services in an integrated environment that fosters an open, collaborative, and unifying culture and provides omnipresent access to needed information.

Critical Success Factors (measures the degree of success over the next 5 years):

  1. Remove outdated and artificial barriers to access information - both technical- and policy-based.
  2. Develop University reporting tool to facilitate informed and data-driven decision-making at Fairfield University.
  3. Implement off-site access to information-on-demand.
  4. Implement a single authentication method for the University which can be maintained on-site or via the Internet.
  5. Benchmark against peers in education and private industry.
  6. Savings and efficiencies.

 III. Technology Infrastructure: Supply a reliable, state-of-the art information technology infrastructure.

 Critical Success Factors (measures the degree of success over the next 5 years):

  1. Provide competitive bandwidth to support exponentially increasing web-based services.
  2. Extend centralized help desk/technical support to the campus community.
  3. Establish training programs for faculty, staff and super users outside of our division.
  4. Increase the reliability and uptime percentages of networks.
  5. Create and enforce uniform standards and procedures for network security, and do the same for network-connected servers and devices.
  6. Increase the frequency and depth of both formal and informal contacts between members of the ITS Department and our community of customers, especially faculty and students.
  7. Make ongoing training a priority within the ITS Department, and make budgeting adequate time and resources for it a requirement for ITS managers.

 IV. Technology Management Strategy: Manage Information Technology as a strategic resource and valued partner.

 Critical Success Factors (measures the degree of success over the next 5 years):

  1. Work with Fairfield University colleagues to achieve measurable savings and efficiencies in technology via collaboration and integration over five years.
  2. Increase measurable savings in vendor relationships over five years.
  3. Increase spending on technology training as a percentage of total expense.
  4. Have operational technology strategic and tactical campus partnerships.
  5. Create a highly visible presence online providing quality opportunity for learning about the Information Technology Services department, policy, governance, expectations, training, tips/tricks and service.
  6. Through procurement review, decrease or eliminate duplicate or inconsistent technology investment at Fairfield University.
  7. Decrease the number of vendor relationships, while making those remaining more leveraged, integrative and strategic.
  8. Drive investment by strategic priorities, not by precedent, familiarity or level of comfort with a particular technology.
  9. Coordinate the work and planning of the Information Technology Services department with all technology-related activities within Fairfield University.
  10. Make strategic planning and assessment an on-going activity for the Information Technology Services department.

Link to ITS Technology Strategic Plan (.pdf)


FY14 - ITS Annual Report | Vision Goal Chart - FY14

FY15 - Coming Summer 2015

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