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Making the Transition from StagWeb

With the release of the University portal, instructors who had been using StagWeb for some basic course-related functions (e-mailing students, checking a class roster, posting a syllabus, etc.) will need to find another tool to use to accomplish these tasks.

  • Blackboard is populated on a twice-daily basis with an updated list of all courses, instructors, and student enrollments in all current classes. To view the roster for one of your classes, check out our Checking Your Course Roster in Blackboard resource guide.

  • Blackboard's capacity to e-mail your entire class is simple and straightforward - and you don't need to be uploading content or assigning work in the system in order to make use of this funtion. ITS's Sending Student E-mail via Blackboard resource guide outlines the process.

  • While an instructor can check a course roster or e-mail his or her students without "activating" a Blackboard course, features such as posting syllabi, using the discussion board, giving quizzes, etc., require that course are available for students to access. Making Your Blackboard Course Available to Students explains the steps necessary to do so.

  • One of the first steps you'll want to take in using Blackboard is to post your syllabus. See our Posting Your Syllabus in Blackboard resource guide for the details.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    • How do I log into Blackboard?
    • How are students added to my class list in Bb?
    • How do I make my course available to students?
    • How do I change the name of my course?
    • How do I remove courses from the My Courses module on my Blackboard homepage?
    • How do I copy content over from an existing course into a new course?

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Blackboard Course Templates

  • Jumpstart your course design by downloading and importing one of our templates. Choose from either the folder-based template or the learning module-based template. Either one will provide an initial framework to the organizational structure of your course.
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Mobile devices

  • Blackboard now has the Blackboard Mobile App on the iTunes Store for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and on Google Play for Android phones and tablets. Students have the option of purchasing the Mobile App for one year (at $1.99 per year) or for life (at $5.99). View complete information on mobile applications.

Quick Start Documents

Publisher content

  • Blackboard supports digital content from a wide range of textbook publishers and digital content providers. This material is referred to as Course Cartridges in Blackboard 9.1, and it is made available to you via the publisher. To upload a cartridge into a course, you must obtain an Instructor Download Key from the publisher; this key is then used to automatically upload the content from the publisher's server to Fairfield's Blackboard site. You may also need to provide your students with Access Keys to provide a one-time authorization to use the publishers' material.