Contact Information

Media Collection Development, Policies, & Equipment Management:

Brooke Duffy, Reference & Instruction Librarian, (203) 254-4000 ext. 4206

Media Circulation:

Sylvia Hurlburt, Media/Reserves Assistant, (203) 254-4000 ext. 2234

About the Media Department

The Media Department at the DiMenna-Nyselius Library manages non-print library materials. Not to be confused with the Fairfield University Media Center, in Xavier Hall, the Media Department loans and provides access to a wide range of media materials, from music CDs to DVDs. Students interested in borrowing videos and other media items should inquire at any desk on the first floor. Students interested in borrowing media equipment should instead inquire at the Media Center's equipment circulation department, or AMES, at (203) 254-4000 ext. 2593. Faculty interested in having films digitized for streaming should contact Information Technology Services (ITS).

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The DiMenna-Nyselius Library houses a growing collection of media materials, including DVDs, music CDs, and VHS tapes. DVDs, VHS tapes and music CDs are located in a browsing-friendly location on the Library's Main Level. All Media is interfiled by Library of Congress Call Numbers. You may choose to look up an item in the online Library Catalog (Locating Media Guide is available) or simply browse the shelves. For authorized borrowers and borrowing limits see the Borrowing Privileges and Loan Periods. Media materials that are reserved for a course can be obtained at the Reserve desk on the Main Level.

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Recommend a Purchase for the Library

Fairfield University affiliated faculty, students, and staff are encouraged to use the Recommend a Purchase form to recommend media materials for the library's collection. Suggestions will be evaluated considering quality and relevance to the curriculum.

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Equipment and Facilities

For Persons with Disabilities (on a dedicated PC with headphones):

For individual viewing (up to 2 people, ear buds can be purchased at the Circulation Desk for $1.50 each):

  • 1 cable-ready television set
  • 11 Region One DVD players (U.S. standard)
  • 1 Region-Free DVD player
  • 15 VHS/Super VHS VCRs
  • 1 multi-standard VCR

For group listening (2 or more people):

group study rooms, each equipped with a double-deck audiocassette player. Group study rooms are not equipped with CD players, though a special request can be made in advance. Only Room 314 is equipped with speakers (it also has an antenna for radio reception); headphones must be used in the other two rooms. A room must be reserved at the Circulation desk, or by phone at (203) 254-4000 ext. 2188.

For individual listening (up to 2 people, ear buds can be purchased at the Circulation Desk for $1.50 each):

  • 2 CD players

For computer multimedia (1 person, ear buds can be purchased at the Circulation Desk for $1.50 each):

  • 3 multimedia Windows computer, 1 with DVD player.

For microforms:

  • 4 microfilm/microfiche reader-printers
  • 5 microfilm/microfiche viewers
  • 1 microcard/microprint reader-printer

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Borrowing & Other Policies

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Locating Media

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